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Black Templars *PICS*

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Some of my Black Templars.. would be nice of comments.. :yes:

I will post some more marines when I they are painted up and maybe a rhino. :shifty:

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Lookin good! That guy with the Plasma Gun looks cool firing over cover.
As I said before, great work.
And the plasma gun-guy is teh rox0rz, I really love his pose. :yes:
Thanks for comments guys. :yes:

@ Might Camel,

I think you've said that 4-5 times now. ;)
Really nice! As said, the Plasma Gunner looks really cool!

My only advice to give would be for taking pictures, not their content. :)
The pictures posted are close so a little blurry (only a little). If you are not already, be sure that you are using the 'Macro' setting (the little flower symbol) on your camera.

But really cool models, well done!
Kills said:
@ Might Camel,

I think you've said that 4-5 times now. ;)
That is 4-5 times to few! I love it!!!11 the plasma gunner meant to be firing over a wall, or firing with the gun behind his head, Chuck Norris style, to prove his worth?

Either way, great work!
@ Rob,

When I made it I was thinking he was firing behind his head. But he could fire over cover aswell. =P
I say he stands that way just to show off!
I LOVE HIM (can I have him? Pleeeeaaasee?)!
Or you can give me a guide how you did him so I can get a box of marines and make them all similar to that!
It is so damn simply done. Get two arms holding a plasma and then just push them up til you have have the postition you like. you CAN'T have him... ;)
really don't like the grey edged highlights... i prefer the "less is more" approach where you'd just do the grey line on the highest surfaces rather then every single edge.

I like the robes though,

not keen on the plasma gunner, although i like the way you've come up with a never seen before pose, rather then following a trend like most people do.

Good work overall!
Kills said: you CAN'T have him... ;)
You are an evil, evil man...
I guess I will get a squad of marines and position them all in cool poses (I have a lot imagined already).
@ Gareth,
Thanks dude. I think it looks great with thick highlights all over the model. Makes the model look good from long

@ Mighty Camel,
Tell me your ideas. ^^
Kills said:
@ Mighty Camel,
Tell me your ideas. ^^
I thought of cutting up one guy so he leans back and fires a bolter/missile launcher/plasma gun/whatever between his legs, some guys jumping forward/backward/sideways firing weapons (preferably one weapon in each hand), someone wheeling on one hand and firing a weapon with the other one and so on. :)
They would do the emporer proud! well done. I like the scenery it came with and the poses, very creative, well done!
I like it except for the highlights on the black. Honestly, I rarely see black highlighted well... either it's too much, or you can't see it (this includes mine as well.) It's just plain hard to work when you don't have a darker shade (unless somebody has come across Ultrablack.) What I've tried doing is using a dark grey (Vallejo German Grey... it's probably about the equivalent of a 50/50 mix of Codex Grey and Chaos black.) and then hitting it with a few black washes. It's still pretty dark, but gives you a lot more range for your colors.

Good job.
I'm a graphic designer and when we send artwork to the presses and we want it really black we do a mix of cyan (blue) and black (100% of each), gives a real dark black as opposed to 100% black on its own. Dunno how it'll work with acylic paints though...
@ Mighty Camel

Sounds good. Especially the idea with having a marine jumping sideways firing boltpistols or something. I may steal that idea. '._.'

Thanks for the other replies guys. :)
Kills said:
@ Mighty Camel
Sounds good. Especially the idea with having a marine jumping sideways firing boltpistols or something. I may steal that idea. '._.'
Watch out so I don't press legal charges against you, I have copyrighted it! :w00t:
IMO i also like thick highlight but i think the highlight used is a little to light and it seems to be only one colour of highlight, rather than working up to a fial drybrush of the realy soft colour.

i think the pictures arent very flattering to the mods either. but this is a small critisism on an alround nice looking bunch of models

i also think the plasma gunner shows great skills in converting, although i do peffer to think of him as shooting over cover than being an arrogant show off. i know i sound stuck up but marines to me are always men of great honour and discipline.
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