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This list may seem horrid on paper. But I decided to test it and field it.
Just read it and tell me what you think!

Chaplain - Master of Sanctity @ 247pts
- Bolt Pistol
- Jump Pack
- Terminator Honours
- Frag Grenades
w/ D3 + 3 Death Company (Jump Packs)

Sanguinary High Priest (w/HG) @ 131pts
- Lightning Claws
- Iron Halo
- Frag Grenades

Honour Guard @ 300pts
All 7 w/ Jump Packs
All 7 w/ Frag Grenades
3 Marines w/ Bolt Pistols and Power Weapons
- Terminator Honours [3]
2 Marines w/ Plasma Pistols and CCW
1 Marine w/ Meltagun
1 Veteran Sergeant
- Power Fist

Tactical squad #1 @ 145pts
3 marines w/ bolters
1 marine w/ lascannon
1 marine w/ plasma gun
1 Veteran sergeant

Tactical Squad #2 @ 150pts
3 marines w/ bolters
1 marine w/ plasma cannon
1 marine w/ plasma gun
1 veteran sergeant

Fast Attack
Assault Squad @ 187pts
7 Assault marines
- 5 w/ Bolt Pistols and CCW
- 2 w/ plasma pistols and CCW
1 Veteran Sergeant
- Power fist

Land Speeder Tornado @ 80pts
- Assault Cannon
- Heavy Bolter

Heavy Support
Predator Annihilator @ 150pts
- Twin linked Lascannons
- Side Sponson Lascannons

Baal Predator: 118pts
- Twin-Linked Assault Cannons
- Side-Sponson heavy bolters: 10pts
- Smoke Launchers

TOTAL: 1,500pts

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I would just replace the sponson lascannons ont he first pred with heavy bolters. At tournaments, you will be forced to move the pred to hit anything, and heavy bolters are defensive weapons so the pred can move and shoot everything.

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First thing I notice is that you have a Sanguinary High Priest with honor guard but he does not have a jumpack.
Second thing, Your death company will be small because you have only 4 units to draw from.
Third thing, 28 marines in a 1500 pts list . An army like IG or nids will hurt you. In my IG
army at 1500 I have at least 75 men with lots tanks. Also my nid list I run over 110models with 22 genestealers and some big ones.
Just my thoughts
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