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Astro = 220
Honour Guard - JP, 4 plasmas = 225

3 Priests - all JP = 225
Libby Furioso Dread - DROP POD = 210

10 Assault Marines - 1 PF, 2 meltas = 235 (x3)
6 Assault Marines - 1 PF, 1 Flamer, meltabombs = 143

Predator - Lascannon Sponsoons, searchlight = 136 (x2)

TOTAL: 2000 points exactly

Now the idea with this list is that Astro will give all my squads a 1/2 chance of red thirst and he will make his squad a killing machine. The two preds are there for anti-tank Dakka, firepower and providing AP13 to any jetpackers starting on the board. The Furioso Libby Dread is there to terrorize enemies. He is used to prevent enemy psychers (eldar, Space Pups...) and his Wings power will let him keep up and be a good tank hunter. There will be one priest for every 10 man squad. The Honour Guard and the 6 man squad will work together. The HG Priest will help them and the HG will provide some good Fire against tough opponents while the 6 man team will mop up any survivors. In an objectives match there will be combat squadding.

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Looks solid. I think you could lose one priest to add more bodies to that fourth Assault Squad. Because their abilities have bubbles, it shouldn't be too hard for one Priest to benefit two squads at once.
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