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Blood Hawks

Company captain-
Melta bombs
Power sword
Combi melta-gun

Assault squad-
Veteran sergeant with melta bombs
Power sword
Combat shield 170 pts.

Tactical squad-
veteran sergeant with melta bombs

4 Death Company
Jump packs 60 pts.


company captain stays with tactical squad who will ether run forward on foot or camp on a home objective the assault squad and death company leap forward and kill the enemy troops. have used this in several games so far only been beaten once by daemons but the only opponents ive played are the old guard and daemons (2 juggernaughts in 500 points ouch!) should mostly deal with armour

the blood hawks are a chapter thats red rage is worse than others indeed many inquisitors have tried to prove that khorne appears to the marines affected by the red rage, as many have been known to paint suspiciously khornate symbols on their armour when affected....

i think this is an extremely effective list i just need to know whether its a good idea to add more assault squads to reach 1,000 i think i will ad two more 5-man assault squads, do i need more firepower because this is a CC list with plenty of melta weapons (sergeants with melta bombs and underslung melta gun)
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