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I have decided to compile all the rumours into one place. I will continually update this as more rumours appear and more of the existing rumours get confirmed or debunked.


A little bit of background: another main theme of the codex is that the curse is becoming stronger. In reaction to this there is a kind of philosophical schism inside the chapter - nothing like civil war but an ongoing dispute. The Sanguinians try to adhere to the principle of their primarch and take the curse as a test of character. They try to overcome the affects and stay as civil as possible. Dante is the leader of this faction and it is the more influential. The Faustians however try to use the curse. They believe it was a gift of their dying Primarch to his children, that he gave them his strength. But it was wasted for millenia by overly hesitant chapter masters. The Faustians were a minor group and only prominent inside the Flesh Tearer Chapter. The ascend of the Lord of Death however sparked a fast growth of this group. Mephiston was the living proof that the black rage was not a curse but a only locked door on the way to the full potential of the Blood Angels. Sanguinary Priest Faustus is the most influential member. He is the lord of the tower of Amareo and has studied the black rage for centuries. The successor chapter have similiar groups. The only exceptions are the Flesh Tearers and Angels Sanguine. The former are all Faustians, the latter all Sanguinians.

As well as the Blood Angels the Codex will feature the Angels Sanguine, the Flesh Tearers, Angels Vermilion and Blood Consuls with a page dedicated to each.

Contents Page

page -26 background
27 combat squads, red fury, furious charge, they shall know no fear
28 Commander
29 Sanguinary Priest
30 Chaplain
31 Librarian
32 Tactical Squad
33 Assault Squad
34 Devastator Squad
35 Death Company
36 Terminator Squad
37 Honour Guard
38 Dreadnought
39 Furioso Dreadnought
40 Scouts
41 Initiate Scouts
42 Bikes
43 Scoutbikes
44 Land Speeder
45 Exalted
46 Techmarine/Razorback
47 Rhino
48 Drop Pod
49 Tantalus
50 Predator
51 Baal Predator
52 Whirlwind/Vindicator
53 Land Raider
54 Commander Cervan Dante, Chaptermaster of the Blood Angels
55 Mikhael Faustus, Sanguinor of the Blood Angels, Exemplar of the Host
56-57 Mephiston, Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels, Lord of Death
58 Erasmus Tycho, Captain of the 3. Company of the Blood Angels
59 Reo Lemartes, Chaplain of the Blood Angels, Guardian of the Lost
60 Victor Nergal, Master of the Forge of the Blood Angels
61 Moriar the Chosen, Death Company Dreadnought of the Blood Angels
62 Hieri Lorenzo, Sergeant of the First Company of the Blood Angels
63 Absolutus, Dreadnought of the Flesh Tearers, Furioso Supremo
64 Gabriel Seth, Chaptermaster of the Flesh Tearers
65 Toledo Astorath, Chaptermaster of the Angels Sanguine
66-72 wargear
73 psychic powers


In March White Dwarf


A better resolution image of the Tactical Squad in the above picture.


A comparison of the new and old sponsons on the Baal Predator


Box Sets

Will be getting a new box similar to the Space Wolves box set that can be combined with the normal tactical squad box set. This box set contains the following.

5x Bolt Pistols
5x Chainswords (1 two-handed)
5x Bolter arm sets
2x Hand Flamers
2x Perdition Pistols
2x Plasma Pistols
1x Power Sword
1x Thunderhammer
1x Powerfist
5x Jump Packs
5x Backpacks
5x Legs
5x Torso backs
5x Torso fronts
8x Heads
20x Shoulder pads
Other small bits

Will be getting a new box set of Death Company complete with Jump Packs.

New box set of Honour Guard who wear sculpted armour similar to Dante. They come with a wide variety of options.

New box set of Exalted who wear masks and have long flowing hair with rapier like exalted blades.


Have 'And They Shall Know No Fear' and Combat Sqauds as per codex spacemarines in addition all Blood Angels have Furious Charge and Red Fury.

Red Fury: Unit must pass a leadership test if enemy is in 12" or they are subject to the Rage USR. If the result of the Leadership test is equal to or greater than 7 they get Furious Charge irrespective of whether they passed or failed the test. Exalted, Baal Initiates, Sanguinary High Priests and Chaplains are immune to Red Fury.

Exalted Blades: Powerweapon that grants +1 Strength to the wielder.


Commander: WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 Ld10 Sv3+ Has all the same rules for a normal Spacemarine Company Master but with Red Fury and Furious Charge. May take a company command squad.

Sanguinary High Priest
: WS5 BS4 S4 T4 I5 A2 Ld9 Sv3+ All models within 12" are immune to Red Fury or they may take the Red Fury test on 3D6 and if they fail they gain the Preferred Enemy USR. In addition they may purchase a Red Grail for 30pts which confers the Feel no Pain USR.

: WS5 BS4 S4 T4 I5 A2 Ld9 Sv3+ Has the same rules as a normal chaplain from Codex Spacemarines but with Furious Charge and being immune to Red Fury. When leading a squad they are immune to Red Fury.

: WS5 BS4 S4 T4 I5 A2 Ld9 Sv3+ Follows the same rules as a Librarian from Codex Spacemarines but with Red Fury and Furious Charge. Has access to 6 new powers.

Psychic Powers

: Infantry moves as beasts, jump troops and walkers gain fleet.
Blood Stasis: Range 12", Large blast template. All models under the blast template count as being in difficult terrain, and suffer a S10 AP1 hit if they try to move and any of the distance dice shows a 1. If they try to fire they suffer a S5 AP- hit for every roll of a 1 to hit.
Might of Heroes: one model in squad gets +D3 attacks.
Primarchs Grace: Squad may reroll dangerous terrain tests.
Living Darkness: A small blast template can be placed within 6" which blocks line of sight unless the unit firing through it has the Acute Senses USR.
: All vehicles within 12" recieve a single S6 AP1 hit to their side armour. Vehicles within 6" suffer two hits and vehicles within 3" suffer three hits.

Commander Cezzo Dante: Chapter Master of the Blood Angels- Armed with the Axe Mortalis which is a master-crafted exalted blade, master crafted perdition pistol, which has a range of 12" not 6" like normal inferno pistols, and wears artificer armour and an iron halo.
He is Fearless and immune to Red Fury as is his honour guard or any other squad he leads. All Blood Angels within 6" are also fearless.
The Death Mask of Sanguinius allows +1 attack for every attack that targets him specifically and misses up to a maximum of +4 attacks.
Has the rule. 'Has Seen It All' which means that during deployment all deepstriking or outflanking enemy reserves have to roll a Ld test against Dante and if Dante wins they have to be deployed at the begining of the game. This has no effect on units that must deepstrike like units in drop pods.
Rumoured to allow Honour Guard to seize objectives as if they were troops.

Gabriel Seth: Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers - Armed with an eviscirator that re-rolls to wound against opponants with toughness 5 or more. He wears power armour and an iron halo.
Any army led by Gabriel Seth replaces Combat Tactics and Red Fury for Fleet and Rage. (Meaning they have Fleet, Rage and Furious Charge........Nasty.)
His eviscirator is double edged and is actually said to be longer than he is with a long grip of about 4 handspans. His power armour has a few scrolls on it and his back pack has a cloak and small wings on it. The trim on his right shoulder pauldron is shaped like a saw blade and his left sholder pauldron has a flesh tearers symbol with a small wing attached to it. He is running forward whilst pulling his blade back for a side sweep yelling as he does. His head is bald with a small amount of bionics.

Telesto Astorath: Chapter Master of the Angels Sanguine
- Eqquiped with an exalted blade, artificer armour, jump pack and a storm shield. He and any squad he leads is Fearless. Any army led by Astorath replaces Combat Tactics and Red Fury with Stubborn. Exalted may re-roll hit and run rolls when he is present.
His armour is said to resemble Mephistons ie: Looking like a flayed corpse but without the robes. He has a single engined jump pack with wings on it. The model has an axe with the haft looking like someones spine. He holds it in a two handed overhead grip looking as if he is about to bring it down on his enemies head. He is yelling and has long flowing hair.

Erasmus Tycho: Captain of the Blood Angels 3rd Company
- Eqquiped with a master crafted combi-melta that can fire up to 18". His digital weapons confer rending and he has a special rule which allows him to choose which special rules apply to him to represent the different points in his career.
- Tycho and his squad ignores red fury. (Second war for Armageddon)
- Tycho is subject to red fury and has preferred enemy. (Post second war for Armageddon)
- Tycho has is subject to Rage and Feel no Pain. (Third war for Armageddon)

Mephiston: Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels, Lord of Death
- Eqquiped with a master-crafted force-weapon and is rumoured to have the following statline WS7 BS6 S5 T5 W3 I7 A4 Ld10 Sv2+. Mephiston is immune to Red Fury and also has Fleet, Feel no Pain and Eternal Warrior.
He has all 6 Blood Angels psychic powers in addition to his force weapon ability to kill outright.
In addition he has a special rule called "Scarlet Fang" in which he may sacrifice the instant death ability of his force weapon to take one of two extra psychic powers detailed below however this power no longer counts as a psychic power but as a special ability which is automatically used without the need for a psychic test and so cannot be countered by psychic hoods, runes of warding, aegis armour...etc. These are as follows.

Blood Vortex: Every model in base contact with Mephiston must take a toughness test or take a wound with saves allowed. If one or more wounds are taken by the enemy and they survive they must re-roll all sucessful to hit rolls.

Transfixing Gaze
: Target model must take a leadership roll off or not able to attack any model not just Mephiston.

Reo Lemartes: Chaplain of the Blood Angels, Guardian of the Lost
- Eqquiped as a chaplain and follows all the rules for Chaplains but must join the death company. Death company sqaud led by Lemartes remains under the effects of Furious Charge in subsequent turns and never loses it so they stay S4(5) and I(5) whilst he remains alive.
The model itself is described as Lemartes standing on some ruble pointing his bolt pistol at the enemy, his crozius held in his left hand which is loose at his side and topped with a double headed eagle. His torso has a jump pack harness with the jump pack having the blood angels symbol on both exhuast port. His armour is covered in rivets and scrollwork with the left shoulder having a blood angels icon whilst the right has the top half of a skull. His helmet is a haloed skull though the halo is less pronounced than it is now with pipes going into the side of the jaw.

Victor Nergal: Blood Angels Master of the Forge
- Has same stat-line and rules for a master of the forge. Is accompanied by Unholt a servitor construct with a four barrelled cannon for a right arm that has the following profile WS1 BS1 S6 T4 W4 I3 A4 Ld10 Sv 4+. The cannon has the following profile Range 36" S6 AP6 Assault6.

Absolutus: Dreadnought of the Flesh Tearers, Furioso Supremo
- Was once a librarian in the Flesh Tearers before being intered into a dreadnought. He has 5 attacks and has a heavy flamer and meltagun.
He has the rule "Unleashed in Battle" by which he confers the Fleet USR to all Furisio dreadnoughts within 6".
Has the rule "Tormented" by which he cannot fire his heavy flamer and meltagun unless there is a friendly unit within 6" to focus his attention from the daemons constantly scratching at his mind.
Also rumoured to have the rule "Furioso Supremo" which allows him to take one psychic test on Ld10.
May take any two of the following psychic powers, Quickening, Might of Heroes and Shockwave. If he fails a psychic test and suffers a perils of the warp attack he suffers a single glancing hit.

Mikhael Faustus: Sanguinor of the Blood Angels
- He has armour very similar to Dante and wields a broad-bladed powersword. Very little is known about him but he does something to improve the effects of red-fury rather than supress it like normal sanguinary priest does.

Moriar the Chosen: Death Compant Dreadnought
- Death company Furiso dreadnought with melta gun and flamer. Retains Feel no Pain if victorious in the assault phase. It is rumoured that he can take a furioso dreadnought bodyguard.


Tactical Squad
- As per C: SM but with Red Fury and Furious Charge.
The Veteran Sergeant is rumored to have an auspex that allows heavy weapons to be re-rolled. Sergeant may take an inferno pistol as wargear. Las-cannons are cheaper and the squad may take Land Raiders as transports.

Assault Squad
- As per C: SM but with Red Fury and Furious Charge. Sergeant may take an inferno pistol.


Death Company
- WS4 BS4 S4(5) T4 W1 I4(5) A3 Ld10 Sv2+. About 25pts each and come in squads of five models. Loose Rending but retain Feel no Pain and Furious Charge and gain a 2+ save. They are subject to Rage if not led by a chaplain or within 6" of one, in which case they are then subject to Red Fury. If they win a combat they stay under the effects of Furious Charge for the next turn.
They can be led into battle by a trainee chaplain who is on his first mission as a training chaplain. This counts as a squad upgrade.
Though they are deployed with Elites they do not fill any FOC slots at all.
If the army includes two or more tactical squads they may take either a Rhino, Razorback, Drop Pod or Tantalus Lander as a transport. If the army includes an assault squad they may take jump packs for 10pts. If the army includes a devastator squad they may take an additional 5 models and if the army includes an honour guard they may take power weapons, powerfists and lightning claws for 15pts/25pts/30pts respectively.

Blood Angels Scouts
- Follows all the rules for scout sqauds as per C: SM. Despite being elites they may still claim objectives like troops and may take a Landspeeder Storm as a transport.

Initiate Scouts
- Have yet to be fully trained as scouts. They have a very feral Mad Max look about them being eqquiped with bolt pistols and close combat weapons that include chains and clubs. They are immune to Red Fury but have Fleet

Honour Guard
- Have WS5 and 2 attacks each. They can assault after deep striking and have a wide variety of eqquipment options including jump packs.

- As per C: SM but with Red Fury and Furious Charge.

Venerable Dreadnought
- Follow the same rules for venerable dreadnoughts as per C: SM but with Red Fury and Furious Charge. Twin linked las-cannon cheaper.

- As per C: SM but may take mixed squads. May upgrade one model to Hiri Lorenzo: Sergeant of the First Company.

Hiri Lorenzo: Sergeant of the First Company
- Eqquiped with an exalted blade and storm bolter.
Has the Overwatch rule which allows his squad to fire in the enemies shooting phase once per game.

Fast Attack

Exalted - Eqquiped with exalted blades,wrist mounted storm bolters and jump packs. They have Hit and Run. They are immune to red fury. The models wear masks and have long flowing hair.

Spacemarine Bikes: As per C: SM but with Red Fury and Furious Charge. Inferno pistol avaiable to the veteran sergeant.

: As per C: SM but with Red Fury and Furious Charge.

Scout Bikes
: As per C: SM but with Red Fury and Furious Charge.

Tantalus Lander
: Has two twin linked assault cannons and a twin linked plasma gun. Armour values of 13/11/10. Has an assault ramp similar to the Land Raider. May carry either 16 Infantry, 8 Jump Infantry, 5 Terminators or 1 Dreadnought.

Furioso Dreadnought/Drop Pod
: A Furioso dreadnought in a drop pod is now fast attack.

Heavy Support

Devestator Squad
: As per C: SM but with Red Fury and Furious Charge. Las-cannons cheaper.

: As per C: SM.

: As per C: SM.

Baal Predator
: New model rumoured to have options for both twin-linked assault cannons and a flame storm cannon.

Land Raider
: As per C: SM.

Land Raider Crusader
: As per C: SM.

Land Raider Redeemer
: As per C: SM.

Furioso Dreadnought
: Has twin dreadnought close combat weapons. If it takes a drop pod it becomes fast attack instead. Has Red Fury and Furious Charge.

: As per C: SM but with Red Fury and Furious Charge.

- As per C: SM


- Will have overcharged engines which allow them to move 18". However they must pass a difficult terrain test otherwise the vehicle is destroyed as it flips over.

Razorbacks - Will only be avaliable to honour guard and company commanders but As per C: SM.

Land Raiders
- Will be avaliable to tactical squads as a transport option.

Drop Pods
- As per C: SM

JvK B)

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Whoa...GW is advancing Blood Angel fluff? Really? I'm...pleasantly shocked.

Between the Tantalus and librarian powers, it seems as though the drawbacks of jump troops are being handled reasonably well. I already have some conversion ideas for Exalted, too. It's a little surprising that most/all units in the Vanilla Codex are being carried over; I was expecting BA to be a more focused army. Ah, well. Looks like my Night Lords will be jumping ship in a couple months!

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You know if the whole bit about the fluff is true (the emergence of two divergent factions) - it seems to me like a kind of metaphor for the Imperium as a whole. To those from the actual event, we know that Sanguinus had no such intent - to get lolz pwn3d on purpose so he could unlock some hideous battle rage for his future Space Marine progeny but because history always becomes distorted and twisted, people begin to interpret things differently - like the Imperium slowly turning over to worshipping the Emperor, etc.

I know it's irrelevant and all this new Blood Angel stuff does sound pretty sweet. But idk, the "feel" of this potential fluff I thought was rather significant.

That all aside, this new stuff does sound pretty solid, and I like the Furious Charge (as opposed to the puppies Counter Attack and extra CCW which made them probably the most cost efficient trooper in the game). It gives them flavor without breaking them. Though the thinly veiled Frostblades seems a little weak sauce to me. Ooh, and Hit and Run power weapon Assault Squads with Stormbolters.....yikes....

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OMG.......this is awsome.....where is all these information coming from?

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I am very pleased by the way this codex is shaping up. Exalted sound fairly intense. Honor guard assaulting out of deep striking. Jump infantry capable of holding objectives. If quickening can apply to a unit (I've heard other rumors saying it can) Mephiston goes on an Honor Guard turned into troops by Dante. Expensive, but nothing is gonna survive 10 honor guard with power weapons using quickening and charging an enemy, then Mephiston using transfixing gaze on a Nob or leader character to reduce retaliation. Then hold an objective and laugh as your opponent stares blankly at the awesomeness that is the unit. Sure it'll probably cost 900+ points for those units, but man, that'll be in-frickin-sane!

Needless to say I am very psyched. Also, I'm very pleased that Exalted have storm bolters and power weapons. Guess who's gonna stick jump packs on Power Armored Grey Knights and model himself some Exalted?

Spoiler: It's me, and probably quite a few others.

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Once again thanks JvK, rumors are fun to look forward to. I guess now I have a reason to finish my Blood Angels force, might go with Flesh Tearers since they have a nicer paint scheme to me and have some support coming up.


Real Xeno
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Long hair?
That`s nice... half of my army will be exalted from April... but what to do with the chainswords...
Assault squad. Do You think that they can take meltaguns? Otherwise the inferno pistol is a single shot :(

I hope these rumors are close to the codex. Very interseting units, really unique. At this time my BA is basically a sort of jumpy Space Marines.

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Ahhhhhhh I wish it was april. I guess I have 2 months to get my impeerial fist army up to date cuz it sounds like ill be buying some sweet new models

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It looks like it's in draft process, there's too many good things in there.

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Latest floating around. Salt needed.

News from 40Kings | Warhammer40k.Tournament.Gaming. on Death Company and Sanguinary Priests:

Death Company:

FOC: Elites (don't occupy a slot), unique

Cost: Somewhere around 25p per model

Size: 5 DC Marines

Profile: Regular marine profile, with more attacks

Equipment: CCW/Boltpistol, Artificer Armor, no Granades

Special Rules: ASKNF, FNP, FC, Fearless, Black Rage

Black Rage: Rage as per rulebook + constantly count as attacking for furious charge (until they lose combat).

Additional rules:

- If 2 or more Tactical Squads are in the list the DC may get a Rhino, Razorback, Drop Pod or Tantalus Lander as transport.

- If 1 or more Assault Squads are in the list the DC may get Jump Packs for 10 (or more) Points per model.

- If 1 or more Devastator Squads are in the list the DC may buy up to 5 more DC Marines.

- If 1 or more Honor Guard Squads are in the list the DC may buy Powerweapons, Powerfists and Powerclaws (for the usual prices).

- An Chaplain in 6" of the DC makes the lose Black Rage and gain Red Fury.

Sanguinius Priest:

Cost: Similar to an Obliterator

Profile: As a chaplain


Equipment: Power Armor, CCW/Boltpistol, Krak-/Fraggranades, Exsanguinator
(can buy Red Grail (around 30p), terminator armor, bike, jumppack, etc.)

Special Rules: ATSKNF, FC, Red Fury

Exsanguinator: Marines in 12" can ignore Red Fury OR Marines in 12" can take Red Fury test with 3D6; if they fail they gain prefered enemy for the rest of the players turn. Units that have 'rage' automaticly get prefered enemy.

Red Grail: Gives Sanguinius Priest and his squad FNP.
Kudos to Ravenheart over at warseer for translation from the german site.

I AM the Evil Twin!
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Hey. Good to see you back in the driving seat JvK.

Yeah it feels good to be back, was busy with a lot of other stuff. Though I must say you have done a more than commendable job in my absence Tyfus, cheers for the info on the Death Company and Sanguinary High Priest will update first post..

JvK B) :beer:

Son of LO
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That's an interesting change to DC mechanics. It...well, it basically prevents people from making a list revolving around the DC. In order to do that, you need a balanced list to start with.

I was planning to run two Tactical squads with Assault Marines and Devastators anyway, but my main problem is...well, fitting all of that into my usual list size :S

Also: 2+ saves! Yay!

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If the codex is right, that leads to some very interesting possibilities. Sanguinary Priest with Red Grail and Terminator Armor with a TH/SS termie unit deep striking or riding a raider. 2+ save AND FNP AND 3+ invuln save. Nothing is gonna kill those things. And that is exactly why I will take terminators again after falling out of love with them.

Also, Mephiston with either a DC or Honor Guard can/will massacre pretty much any unit on the board.

And Dante making Honor Guard scoring! I think in Apocalypse I'll have to take Dante, Mephiston (with an Honor Guard), and Sanguinary Priests for everyone. Also a Stormlord.
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