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Ba vs da 1500pts
Dawn of war
Seize ground 5 objectives

“Belial this message is classed top secret, by order of the Inquisitorium. The Blood angel battle force led Captain Nosferus has succumbed to the red thirst to such a degree that it doesn’t seem to dissipate. They have been commiting genocide on the planet Arboreus, killing off of its entire civilian population. Their battle lust must be stopped. You have been tasked with intercepting and putting a stop to their blood-lust. You will be making a dawn raid on their currently known position”


Battle Strategy
The idea (like usual) was to use the denied flank tactic. I would try to swing in from what would appear to be his weaker side and collapse his flank. This is always easier to employ when you can counter deploy by getting second turn. I placed one objective in the building and on the outside of the town square on the right. I pretty much knew i would never get the one by the town square I just wanted to contest his getting it. I placed it close enough that i could always keep an eye on it depending on where the others were placed. I wasn't really sure how effective the librarian would be as I had never used him before but since he wasn't in termie armor he couldn't teleport in so he started on the table.

BA 1
only tact marines on the left can see and fire, causing no kills

DA 1
All squads enter, alpha squad deep strikes (ravenwing will outflank) and fires kraks at nearest vindicator (no effect)
Libby runs
Shooting from gamma kill 4 marines in ba tact left
Tactical squad missle kills one in middle ba tact (not shown)

BA 2
Bhaal pred fire hunter killer missle at dread but misses.
Vindicator kills three from alpha squad
Other vindicator takes out missle launcher in tactical squad

DA 2
Ravenwing enter, with attack bike failing to hit vindicator, other bikes Dakka the tact squad. Alpha squad runs toward the fuel depot. Bellerophon, uses hellfire on tactical marines, to no effect. Gamma squad shoots tactical squad on nearest objective. Deathwing beta fire krak missles but fail to wound.
Tactical squad run forward to be able to fire out. Dead pens Bhaal, but bhaal makes cover save due to terrain.

BA 3
Vindy left fires on alpha squad but they save. Vindy right fires on beta squad killing one. Assault squad puts one wound on attack bike. Bhaal pred flamestorm cannon kills several more tactical marines, but they pass leadership. After struggling for two turns with difficult terrain tests the devastators finally reach their firing position in the ruins.

DA 3
Ravenwing attack bike pens and explodes vindicator and the explosion kills two of the other bikes and one of the assault marines. Presented with a juicy rear armor target, that is killing his fellows the dread dread emerges from behind the building, and explodes the Bhaal predator! Librarian and alpha squad wipe out entire tactical squad

BA 4
Vindy left kills another from beta squad holding objective. Assault squad finishes off attack bike. Devastators immobilize dreadnaught, trying to make up for their slow start. Terminators fire at alpha squad but no kills made. The rhino deploys its payload of the third tact squad by the objective on the edge of the town square.

DA 4
Beta squad fire kraks at middle tactical squad, but cover saves mean no kills. Deathwing alpha and librarian assault into BA termies and captain. Captain dies from instant death, and 4 more termies die due to some very unlucky rolls on my opponents part. Belial and apothecary stay locked in combat but librarian consolidates. Lone biker turbo boosts towards the vindicator armed with his melta gun.

BA 5
My opponent unluckily doesn’t see the silent death of the librarian advancing on his lines and opts to take out the biker to protect his armor (hard to blame him with two exploded vehicles). The assault squad tries desperately to flush gamma squad from the objective. Vindicator hits beta squad but cover and storm shields do their job. Devs miss or cant do anymore to the dread.

(must have reached the data limit, will post the rest in a minute)

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DA 5
Gamma shoots assault squad off the board. Dread tries to shoot up the deployed tactical squad. Bellerophon and Belial surround and route the tactical squad. Clearing another objective.
Game continues

BA 6
The vindicator gets some well deserved vengence on a cocky librarian, blowing him to small psyker bits when he fails his psychic test for force shield. Tact squad on town square objective fire up at marines in building no real effect. Otherwise there isn’t much he can do.

The writing was pretty much on the wall at the end of turn 4, and dark angels take the victory 3 to 1.

Most of my plan went pretty well. Its always tricky to risk a deep strike, but it worked out, of course afterward he blew away 3 of my terminators. The outflanking actually worked in my favor since it let me totally eliminate his whole right flank. I had originally wanted to bring the raven wing in on the opposite flank because of the river, but it didn’t cause any problems. I should have gone to ground in the building with the tactical squad but I forgot about that rule. It was my first time fielding the librarian. I like how hes so good at close combat and a little random with powers, makes things a bit more fun and unpredictable.
My opponent got a bit unlucky with not being able to get his devastators in position, and me blowing up his vehicles in such spectacular fashion. I’m sure even now he’s planning some cruel way to get even with me.

Thanks for reading! Comments and criticisms are always welcomed and encouraged!

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Nice report mate, have some rep :)

Now i dont usually like the little speech bubbles, but i have to say i did have a slight chuckle at the sarge running away from the libby at the end :p

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