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Bloodletters or Daemonittes

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Bloodletters or Daemonittes? i collect Black Legion and want to include some daemons but i cant decide between Bloodletters or Daemonittes
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Warp Scream helps not only them, but any other unit of your army also in hth with the same enemy unit.

Rending is pretty darn sweet on the charge and can be used against high toughness opponents.

Cheap compared to Bloodletters

Sacred number is pretty small so you can again, get them for cheap.

Rending also works on tanks.


No durability after the initial charge. Low toughness and negligible save means that typically they're only good for taking out one, possibly two squads or units.

Due to the nature of rending, they are quite a bit weaker when not charging unlike Bloodletters which are always dangerous.



High strength power weapons. Well Duh. Better in sustained combats than daemonettes.

Good armour and better toughness than daemonottes means that they will last longer in both hth and against shooting.

Will scare the crap out of people which might effect their game play.


Much more expensive.

Since they don't get warp scream, they will be taking hits back at the same time they strike from most opponents with power armour.

Larger sacred number which makes them more expensive, but also more durable in combat.

Less useful against T 7 and T 8 models, although can still be used.

Less useful against tanks.

Basically its a toss up, and you should probably pick the type that most refelects the fluff aspect of your particular Black Legion list. Ie: Do you have anyone with either mark already in it?

For my money, I'd go with daemonettes as a bargain, but if you were fighting say lots of terminators a big unit of bloodletters is the shiznick.
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Well Grey summed it up pretty good. I personally like Bloodletters better but that could be because I play Khorne. Both units are pretty good but I'd get Khorne Bloodletters if you have the pts.
It's all down to personal preference really..

I don't play with bloodletters, both because I don't like the idea of an expensive shock troop unit (shock troops are supposed to all get massacred!) and because I play EC and therefore can't.

Basically.. look at the rest of your army, and decide what it needs. If it needs generic, hard as nails CC troops who can fight marines and infantry on the front lines, roll with the bloodletters. If you want crazy shock troops who can take down a carnifex, hive tyrant or heavy tank in one round of CC, then get massacred, daemonettes are your girls!

Also consider that bloodletters are a lot easier to paint.. Those skimpy daemonette outfits are a nightmare to paint cleanly when you're as crap as me.
Grey may have been right with the sacred numbers, but in anything other than World Eaters, or Emperor's Children, sacred numbers means didely squat.

Personaly, I would go with one unit of each if you had the points. I'm guessing your Black Legion leader has the Mark of Chaos Undivided. If on the other hand he is alligned to a specific god, I say go with what your gur tells you.

Sustained combat or quick kill.
Don't forget the other demons, plaugebearers are wonderful against stuff like carnifexes or other really high toughness models and against swarms and flamers are about the cheapest way to add medium range firepower to a chaos army. for 220 points you can whip out 30 heavy bolter shots at 18", more than enough to seriously dent any kind of unit.
thanks you have all been a great help. (Especially Grey) ill keep flamers in mind.......
id go with the bloodletters personely they rock in cc as the uvers have said but dont forget demonettes on steed they are very nasty, i all soo use plauge barers for holing up some big units which seems to work pritty well alsoo.
i wouldnt advise using plaguebearers in any army other than death guard. remember nurgles rot can hurt your guys too! the other demons all rock though, my favs being the flamers. 2wound assult heavy bolters are too good to not have.
Me i use bloodletters to give my word bearers help in cc. Bloodletters rock in cc which is pretty much the only reason i take deamons. also the models rock!
I'd go with bloodletters. They even make a mockery of grey knights. Some people may feel that they're too expensive, but compare them to DE incubi, grey knights, thousand sons marines, or any other 25 point unit (24 points for thousand sons). You really get A LOT more for that ONE extra point.

And if you aren't playing against a MEQ army, then a little overkill never hurt anyone (well...except for the people on the receiving end).
I guess I have to go with the Bloodletters. Any time you are playing against a heavily armoured army they are gonna crap their pants when they see those Bloodletters. I have played against them a bunch of times, and they are hard to shoot, super hard to go against in close combat, so drop them and a BloodTHIRSTER down and you have to be playing a very, very good player who is well prepared to beat that.

26 points is a very good deal actually, compared to the nettes they all have power weapons. They have higher toughness. Better armour. They are MUCH better after their initial charge. Can withstand being caught out in the open and being blasted. I think pointwise one of the better troops in the game.
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