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UPDATE February 4, 2006: we have found the staff we need for the time being. If you are interested in pursuing this later, we are passively accepting applicants. Blue Table is likely to be looking for more talent in mid- and late-2006. Thanks to all who commented and contacted us.

Blue Table Painting is looking for a full-time assembler/painter. Blue Table has been in business and steadily growing for two years now. We have a crew of four full time and two part time staff. We are looking for a fifth person to work here full time.

Read all about us at There is a virtual tour of the studio in the Studio Information section.

I just know there is someone out there who wants to do what they love for a living. Someone who is a skilled miniatures enthusiast whose true talent is wasted at their current job.

Blue Table’s studio is in downtown Spanish Fork, Utah. Taking this job means moving here. We can help you find a place to live if you want (see below).

Starting pay is $1200-1800 per month depending on your productivity and the hours you put in. There is plenty of work to be done. You can take more projects if you want.

Is that enough to live on? Spanish Fork has a very reasonable cost of living. A small family can buy a house with a mortgage of $800 per month. A single person can find a one bedroom apartment for around $400 per month and two bedroom places are $500-600 per month.

We need someone right away. There are projects lined up for late January that need doing. Even if you can't come right away, still inquire we might need someone else down the road.


If you are interested, please send an email with “Panter Needed” as the subject line to Shawn Gately at [email protected] Here’s what to include:

• Some of your personal background
• Your background with miniatures battles
• A link to some pics of your work
• An attached resume (optional)


January 2004 Blue Table was founded. I worked solo out of my garage.

March 2004 I brought on a few locals to help with the basics (assembly and prep).

June 2004 I moved to Utah and hired on three part-time workers and began to train them to do projects start to finish.

August 2004 I found our current studio on main street. At that time there were about six part time workers doing various tasks (assembly, movement trays, prep work, and a few painting).

Over the next year, the business grew slowly and steadily, and I kept adding more people part time. This was a major business mistake. At one point there were sixteen people, all very part time. One day I calculated it out and it was taking all those people just to do the work of five full time workers.

The business nearly imploded on itself in the summer of 2005. Not because of lack of work to do-- our happy customer base was keeping us quite busy-- but because it was becoming an almost impossible task to coordinate all those people. And since many of them were doing it as a sidetrack to the main event of their lives (eg college, raising kids, another job) they weren't always reliable.

So, I began to shift the staff down to a core of full-time specialists, including an office manager. That has worked remarkably well. The nature of Blue Table Painting is that we paint at least ten armies a month. The work is not seasonal. There are gentle waves of high and low months, but the dips are each a little higher than the last, like a wavy line pointed at an angle upwards.

I have whole projects booked for the end of January but with no one to paint them. As it stands now, I'll be working double-shifts to cover.

That's why we need a full time painter. This is for real. Are you the right person? We've been looking for you.


The staff is a precision crew of heavyweights.

♥ Christen is our senior painter. She has a four year degree in Art. She started in the summer of 2004 when we first moved to Utah. She had absolutely no knowledge of the games, but is now familiar with most major systems. She was very much influenced by my painting style but has adapted it to her own; very clean and perfect. She has painted about twenty armies. If we were a D&D party, she would be the Paladin—loyal, lawful, and dependable.

♥ Heather is our Art Director. She also has four years of Art under her belt. If we were a D&D party, Heather would be the Cleric. She is the heart of the studio, always cheerful and quick to smile. Heather knows the meaning of personal suffering and has come out on top with an unsinkable attitude. Heather has painted about forty armies.

♥ Zac is our Office Manager. He is absolutely dedicated to the cause, often the first into combat and the last one to leave. When I ask how late he is staying, he responds ~until the job is done!~ Now that’s dedication. Zac is also a hobbyist and a solid hand at conversion work. In the D&D party, Zac would be the Rogue—the problem-solver.

♥ Andy is the workhorse painter of the group. His painting area is crowned with a dozen painting awards. Andy left his secure job as a milk truck driver to cast in his lot with our band of adventurers. He has a solid work ethic and will often show up at the crack of dawn and work until nightfall. Of course, it doesn’t feel like work to him! In our D&D party he would be the Fighter.

♥ Shawn (that’s me) is the leader, visionary, financial planner, and also manages to paint an army or two every month. The staff said I would be the Sorceror, but I’m more like a Bard I think, inspiring and powering up the group.

♥ YOU!

♥ There are a handful of support staff pitch in, mainly to close ranks on assembly. Support staff include: Elena (painting), and Dan (conversions).

The average age is 31. Average number of children is two.


Moving arrangements are the primary concern of the talented artist thinking of relocating.

Here are some pics of one place you might choose to live:

We will help with the legwork on this. Here is the best place I found. It's $600 a month, two bedrooms, and full utilities are included (cable internet, too). So, it's affordable on a modest Blue Table income, but very reasonable with a roommate (you'd only have to pay $300 a month for rent AND utilities-- come on!).

Basically, you can walk into this place for $400 for the first month ($300 for the first month and a $100 deposit). The utilities are already on. You just need to hook up your computer and you're

If you're the right person and can come by January 23, Blue Table will do three things to help with your move:

• provide a $60 stipend for gas
• fill your refrigerator with groceries
• pay $100 towards your first month’s rent

We will also do legwork to help find a place to live (as if this one weren't good enough), and find inexpensive furnishings. The crew is pretty well connected in the local neighborhood.

Are you ready to pursue a dream job in the craft that you love?

This is for real. Blue Table is a solid business with an ever-expanding client base.

Shawn Gately
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