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Bolt on Big Shootas and the crew that fires them

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Ork battlewagon's have an upgrade for Bolt on Big shootas which have to be fired by crew that are in the battlewagon. Under current rules as the Battlewagon is open topped, the crew can shoot at a seperate target then the Battelwagon itself. My question is where do the bolt on big shootas count towards shooting. I have always assumed as they say they are maned by Orks that are being transported that they have to be shot where ever that ork unit chooses to shoot.

Think i'm correct? Or do you think they have to shoot where the vehicle is shooting. Haven't found it yet in the FAQ, nor in Ork Codex, Armaggedon or info in Chapter Approved 2004.
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they are crewed by the orks that are using the BW for transport as such it fires on which target the unit fires on.
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Thanks for the input, this is what i'm figuring. Just wanted to be sure i'm playing it fairly
So models inside a Chimera but using the permanently-mounted lasguns can shoot at a different target than that of the chimera itself? I thought all guns mounted on a vehicle must shoot at the same target but weapons held by occupants could shoot another target. That's like saying the pintle-mounted storm bolter bought as wargear for the tank can fire at a different target.

Where in the rules does it make a distinction on who is actually firing the weapon as to it's allowable targets? Can you provide page references?
The chimera rule is clarified in Chapter Approved under the vehicle section. The Battlewagon comes from the fact that its an Open Topped Vehicle the vehicle can shoot at 1 target and the crew may engage a second as its open topped.
I understand the rules regarding open-topped vehicles. But from how I read it they are referring to weapons the mounted troops are carrying. My question is regarding the fact the weapons are mounted on the vehicle itself.
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