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Hi there,
just introducin myself, Call me ollie, im 22 from the UK.
Played warhammer 40k for the last 10 years and have always played guard.
In that time I have collected various other armies such as tau 1500 pts, black templers 3000pts(back in the time of armageddon), Ultramarines 2000pts(who hasnt at some point!).
I think Ive finally finished my guard, at about 12,000pts dnt no when I'll use it all although apocolypse might help that!
Currently working on my DIY space marine chapter called the Hammers of Manus (what u think of the name, still not sure about it) they've got quartered red/white colour scheme. Currently working on some fluff for them, deffinatly iron hands successor, thinking 4th founding. Planning on eventually collecting at least 3 companies and then working on a nemesis force for them, probably an emporers children army led by lucius.
So there's me and my armies.

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Thats a fair few aint it - you must have spent a fortune on that lot!

Welcome to LO, I hope you enjoy it here. Take a peek at the rules (link in blue bar above) so you know whats what and then post to your heart's content. If you can you should post up a few pictures of your models, and some whole-army shots. It would be very impressive to see so many models gathered together!

See you on the forums mate,
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