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Boraks Glorious Damnation

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Ok So i've been slightly distracted from my Blood Angels by this silly new 8th Edition of Fantasy. Well, anyway, seeing as 8th is upon us and my old Marauder army needs refreshing and building up i've decided to make a thread about it. Some of these are done, some are being repainted and some are still grey here we are.

This is the 3000pts all ranked up. as you can see the new Editions are in their Birthday suit of Grey.

K'tor, the thrice Bloodied. Lord of Chaos. Old paint job but he's still alright I think.

Brakka, Herald of Vengeance. Battle Standard Bearer. A nice shiney new addition.

Some Chosen Types. New Additions. Think I'll paint these Brass with Silver trim. these are converted from Warrior Legs and Chaos Knight bodies.

A Marauder, Nothing Special. Needs a bit of touching up and, well, finishing really.

Horsemen. Two of these units to do. New additons and only just built!!

The Warshrine. Quite happy with this. He did apear on the Forum a long, long time ago.

What can I say? Captain America actually works for Chaos.

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Great work Borak. These guys look great, really good conversions.

Looking good dude. Though, his flesh is a bit yellow-orange for my tastes. I am not sure I like the colour, I'd go a more normal flesh colour myself.

Great looking work dude. I really like the chariot, it is HUGE. Also, that count as Scyla looks great. Is it converted? The blood linked there is a good method, it's how I do my blood also. Works really well.

Great work dude. I like the chariot, it's a bit of a BEAST.

Great stuff dude. Those chariots are indeed beastly, and I like the dark look of the chosen. Keep going!

Great stuff dude. Those chariots are indeed beastly, and I like the dark look of the chosen. Keep going!

What do you mean about my post count? :p That is seven years of hard spamming posting, thank you very much!

I really like that guy, he is nicely posed. Although, he doesn't look that different to the normal rank and file. I think he needs something to make sure he stands out more; either by way of trophy rack etc or more colour thank the normal guys. The latter is easy to do via the cloth between his legs, at the moment I find it is too dark and blends into the rest of the mini. I would add some colour to him.

I always do hard work! Well... when I work I do hard work. ;)

I do think that the blue would work quite well, some brighter symbols would work really well.

Aye, never say never Metwell. All it takes is practice and finding some simple and effective techniques. This whole army is done with washes and just a few highlights. Only the Giant and Lord got some decent attention. If you want I can whack up some tutorials in simple stages to show you how i've done what i've done.
Slacker. :p I hope you do put some tutorials up, I'd be interested in seeing how you do.

And Metwell, it is all a case of practice. Ask any good pianter to see their first mini, and all but the rarest of cases the mini will be pretty bad and nothing like they do now. It's just a case of practice and trying new techniques.

I agree with the other comments, the loincloth could have done with a little bit of movement to it. Another couple of things bother me. To me the head looks a bit small. I can tell judging by the other minis you have used you prefer not to use headdresses and such, but I think the lord or characters could do with a little more ostentatiousness to his helmet. Also the thigh that is on the rock looks a bit off, more like a tube than a thigh. I assume this is still a WIP, as to my eyes that needs sorting out.

That all said, it is an awesome looking mini. The pose is great and when painted he will look stunning, no doubt.

Kuffy does not spam, thanks very much. :p

I understand about the head, I was just suggesting my personal tastes. The leg looks a bit better, but I found that from the front angle in the first photo, you can still clearly see the white tube that makes up his thigh.

I can see your idea about the knee. I would have done a small amount of greenstuff to represent some cloth underneath or shaped the tube to look more like a plate. But never mind. :) I am liking your colour choice so far. The skulls I think should look like skulls still - but not white. I would make them into aged skulls, perhaps a dull bone look to represent some old kills - maybe a slightly brighter one to act as a new kill? I wouldn't go white for the cloth, I think that would be a bit too bright and doesn't suit chaos too well. Red is a nice choice.

Double posts again Kuffy? Accidental I'm sure.

Aye I went with a Deep Red in the end. Well, to be correct, my Mrs said Red so I went with Red. I've done the cloth and it looks nice. I'll take a pic later.

Now I'm going for a Red Cloak I can't really do a Red Tinted Sword as it'll be too much. Do you think a Black highlighted up to bluey-grey and glossed would be nice?
What posts?

haha, always do what the missus says eh? ;) I would be careful with the red cloak as well. You don't want to overpower it with the red. For the sword, that does sound quite cool; I would again suggest you be careful it doesn't blend too much into the armour colour.

24 hours on a foot? Man you paint slow. :p

Great work on the Chaos Lord, I like the glowing effect on the eyes. It's a nice touch.

DMC: I assure you it's old school ;)

So...........How's your project thread coming along?
I have a very valid excuse. Your Mum. Also, I am packed ready to move in about two weeks. As soon as I can get sorted at my new home. ;)

What? I thought that was a spam fest not a project thread. LO needs better labelling.
That is not entirely true. Mostly, but not entirely. :p

who says kuffy's project thread can't be for his project to spam so much to get the most posts? :p

anyway - i'm back from holiday (boo) but, i got my place at uni (yay) so all is well.

That lord is badass... and quite honestly makes me sad. I bought a pro painted archaon on foot model to be my general and he's worse that that *cry*
You should be really proud of those chosen and the lord - i'll never be able to paint that good, but it makes me feel happy to see how yours are coming along :)
Kuffy gets no love. :(

Also, I still have two of those Archaon models. In the packets still. :D Maybe one day I will sell them off, or one of them anyway.

That is a nice looking mini. Its interesting to see an old style warrior, thought I must say he is a little dressed up for the occasion. ;) Also, the sword is a I guess it suits Slaanesh. :p



I thought that's how you liked it? Anyway, yeah I needed something different to paint and this guy fitted the bill quite nicely. I really liked painting the armour and the Green. I might have to do an army for him now.
haha. No. :p You do. You need to make a whole new pink and green warrior army for this poor, lonely fellow. ;)

KUFFY: Aye I was thinking of doing more of a 'cultist' themed army rather than a northman style army. Using models like the old 40k Chaos Cultists and the Mordheim Possessed models as Marauders. No idea what I'd use as Warriors, maybe see if I can get my mitts on enough old school models to do a unit?

I was planning on doing an army for each god. I've got this 3k army as the 'Undivided' army, a 2k Tzeentch warrior army, a planned 3k Warrior army for Khorne and nothing for Nurgle or Slaanesh (yet).
Hm, I would like to see that. Using lots of the Empire kits, and I think the militia kit would be good. You could represent cultists coming from all walks of life.

Ooo, Mr Money Bags. ;)

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