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Boraks Glorious Damnation

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Ok So i've been slightly distracted from my Blood Angels by this silly new 8th Edition of Fantasy. Well, anyway, seeing as 8th is upon us and my old Marauder army needs refreshing and building up i've decided to make a thread about it. Some of these are done, some are being repainted and some are still grey here we are.

This is the 3000pts all ranked up. as you can see the new Editions are in their Birthday suit of Grey.

K'tor, the thrice Bloodied. Lord of Chaos. Old paint job but he's still alright I think.

Brakka, Herald of Vengeance. Battle Standard Bearer. A nice shiney new addition.

Some Chosen Types. New Additions. Think I'll paint these Brass with Silver trim. these are converted from Warrior Legs and Chaos Knight bodies.

A Marauder, Nothing Special. Needs a bit of touching up and, well, finishing really.

Horsemen. Two of these units to do. New additons and only just built!!

The Warshrine. Quite happy with this. He did apear on the Forum a long, long time ago.

What can I say? Captain America actually works for Chaos.

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Well..........I guess none of you liked the Chaos Champion then :p

Here's the W.I.P Chariot. I've just sanded the base. It will be dark grey with snow and blood splatters here and there. There's also a few skulls and bits lurking in the sand.

I've done the wood and the metal. The Brass still needs to be highlighted.

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Champion and chariot look very nice mate, maybe just change the hair color
I might just take anoter pic of that Champion as the lighting did something odd to his hair. It's up to Bleached bone so it's alot paler than the pic shows. If I changed it what colour should I do? Orange? Brown? Grey?

Finsihed doing the Green stuff on all my Chosen this morning. Have at you!!

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Chariot looks outstanding, and i would'nt want to meet the chosen after dark for that matter either. Lovely work. Here's the Rep i owe you for it.
This all looks fantastic. It's looking like an excellent army. The Chosen look awesome, and that chariot looks massive.

Is your Chaos Lord made from the Archaon mounted and on foot models? You might have already said, but I haven't seen it mentioned.
Cheers guys! Glad someone’s reading this anyway (other than you Jim that is ;))

Praxis: Firstly thank you very much for the rep matey. If you have any ideas mate just let me know. I’ll be re-doing a lot of this army and need some funky ideas.

Andrew: Aye the chariot is rather ‘big’ I put it next to the old one just for a size comparison and it dwarfs it. Maybe I’ll take a photo just for giggles when the first one’s done. The Lord is indeed Archaon. The Legs are off the Games Day one but the Torso is off the Mounted one (his cloak is cooler) Now I look at this though the paint job is fairly mediocre and I really don’t like the legs. So I might scratch build some new legs for him, strip him and start again!
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Here's some of my WIP Warriors with halberds. I'll be doing 14 of them, just waiting for my bitz order to arrive.
I just snapped them off for inspiration.
Don't wanna hijack your thread.
They're not that hard to do, but will kill your bitzbox. You need the champion back, the champions outstretched hand with sword or axe and a Chaos Knights Lance. Then you just go to work with the scalpel and the clippers and will have a chore to fit them into a good angle. Good luck if you give it a try.

Compare these to Empire halberdiers. These look just brutal in comparison.
Only thing though is they have one gauntleted hand and one gloved, so I guess they'll pose as Chosen too.

By the way, have some Rep for a great thread.
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They're not that hard to do, but will kill your bitzbox
WAYNE: Nothing will kill my bitz box. Nothing.Cheers for the Rep though :) It's very much appreciated!

Those look cool Wayne. Did you have any trouble ranking them up? Why didn't you just do them holding it one hand? Surely it would have been easier that way. How about converting some so they're holding the weapons forward? You'd have to cut them at the waist but that shouldn't be too hard.

I've based the Chariot and done the Brass. I've also painted the helm on the spike Red with Brass horns (Khorne) in reference to an old game. I'll put some pics up tomorrow.

PS: It took 4 Boxes of Chaos Knights to do that Chosen unit. Just so you know. Oh and if anyone has some of those shields left over.........can I have them? pretty please?!?!
They rank up perfectly, just have to make sure the shaft doesnt extend far behind the back hand.
Yes, it would have been much easier to make them holding the "lance" in one hand. But theres three problems with that sollution.
1. It looks like they're carrying spears.
2. Leaves the other hand doing nothing. although you could put a shield there, but to what use? Just gives space for another confused debate when playing.
3. This looks SO much meaner.

cutting the models at the waist you say? Nice idea. But I like it like this. if I twisted their waists it would look like they were pointing their halbers at the enemy. Now it look like they're raised ready to chop down - more down to business than just pointing the halberd saying "look how sharp my stick is".

I've been thinking about another way to point the halberds forward, but that would be very difficult. as it is now the back hand is just a normal additional hand weapon with the blade /mace/hammer/axe cut off and then attached to the shaft of the halberd and glued to the body of the warrior at an angle. The angle is almost impossible to do if the warrior is supposed to point the weapon forward. As it is now I just use the warrior champions positioning, I've just connected the two arms with a halberd between them.

Why go the easy way.
It will be pure pain to see these 1 hour worth of modelling a piece get shot to death by cannons.

4 boxes of knights? Seriously? You didnt bitz order?
If I would make this unit of warriors in the same way I would have to buy 14 boxes of Warriors (because, as you probably know, you only get one champion back in each box, I think).
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Same way i did my halberds actually, i have a nice unit of 18 of the guys, nightmare to rank up however :(
Nah I think you get 2 Command sprues in each box. I think anyway. I ordered a job lot of sprues when they removed Weight order from staff discount so all of my stuff is still being sourced from that.

Nah No bitz order for me! I bought 12 Boxes of Knights on the day of release to do a Knight army (which I can't now do due to 8th Ed %) So I've got a load of Knights in a big brown box. My next army is going to be 3 units of 18 Warriors made like those Chosen. With Halberds and shields. I think it'll look fairly striking!!

You could always look on Ebay or ask someone with lots of spare Chaos Bitz.
Mine rank up beautifully. no hassle there.

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does the term hijack mean anything?

i got my chaos lances on ebay, £1.50 for 5, cheaper than buying a whole box at the end of the day!
Looks like we are all getting ready for 8th Edition. The converting will continue hence forth !!!
Chaos Warrior: Good name by the way ;) Yeah we are. Brushing the Dust off this old army and getting it ship shape for all the blood letting it's bound to cause

does the term hijack mean anything?
Lol, Wayne we like your Warriors. :p Now get your own Thread! ;)

Jim: I've got quite alot of Spare Lances. Ya should have just asked ;)
Sorry guys. I got carried away. Meant nothing ill.
We're only teasing dude ;) I did ask for ideas and you suplied them! Shame I didn't see them when I was building my Warrior army. Otherwise i'd have stolen the ideas!

It's impossible to steal an idea. An idea might be copied or shared, but never stolen, as it implies I (as the "owner") will become ignorant of it's information after the "theft".

I love sharing my ideas. It's a great testament of it being a good one.

I might have some Knights shields. Are you interrested?
do you have any warrior champion backs+champion arms?
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