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Borgut's Unit..

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Borgut's rules say the unit he is deployed with is upgraded to Big Uns for free. Does this count as the 1 and only Big Un choice for my army or can i also choose to upgrade another unit as long as it's within the rules (ie i have 20 boyz, 20 big uns and a unit of big uns with Borgut)?
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Okay, so you've made a few mistakes.

1. Big 'Uns aren't 0-1, you just have to have at least as many regular Orc units.
2. That restiction doesn't apply to Grimgor's 'Ardboyz. You can have as many Big 'Un units as you please.

And yes, in a normal Orc army, Borgut's 'Uns do count against the total.
Appreciate the quick response, however, i have to disagree with you slightly. I know there is no 0-1 clause on the big uns, but it is specifically stated in Big Uns rules for a regular Orc army you may choose 1 unit of big uns. Yes you have to have an equally sized regular unit, but u can ONLY have 1 Big Uns unit in a regular game. IE Either Boyz, Savages or Boar boyz.

Unless I am interpreting the wording in the army book wrong, I will get it at lunch (at work now) and quote it here because that was the purpose of my question, if i use borgut in a regular army as my general (not an ardboyz list) does the free upgraded unit to big uns he is with count as the ONLY one i can use?
They don't count as the only one you can use because there is no 0-1 restriction.
To take ONE unit of Big 'Uns you have to have at least one other unit of the same type.
To take TWO units of Big'Uns you have to have at least two other units of the same type.
To take THREE units of Big'Uns you have to have at least three other units of the same type.
And so on and so forth, etc. etc..
revlid it does say:
"upgrade one unit of orc boys to big'uns" now i guess u could argue that you could get one unit of boys and one unit of savage orc boys.
but then more importantly in the special rules part it says:
"you may only ever have one unit of big'uns in the army"

papaslim i believe that it doesnt take up the one unit, but i wouldnt be too sure after rereading the exact wording.
Ok thanks, that's why I am not a believer in this multiple units of big uns, the book explicitly states that u may only ever have 1 unit of big uns in your army. GW guy confirmed Borgut's Big Uns do not count towards the only unit of big uns. They're treated as big uns but since borgut's rules state they are a free upgrade you don't actually count them as big uns in the 'big' scheme of things. :)

I wish u could field multiple big uns revlid but unfortunately that was confirmed as a no go. UNLESS fielding an ardboyz army a regular O&G army can only field 1 unit of big uns (boar boyz, savages, OR regular boyz).
That would make sense, in the same way that Grimgor's bodyguard don't count toward the 0-1 restriction on black orc units in the regular orc and goblin army list.

It is also correct that only one unit in the standard list can be upgraded, it is in the orcy rules at the very front of the book. They are the biggest orcs in the tribe and fight together in one unit.
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