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Annoying ain't it? Some guy comes along, asking all these questions about his new army, and what do you get in return?

Anyway, for those interested, I have read the Codex:CSM,have Army Builder and am fiddling about with the fluff for my new army.

So far I have a few sure things -
1. Based upon The Pyre colour scheme and idea bandied about as a Renegade Chapter
2. Not hardcore devotees, yet not wholly undivided, as they have a predeliction for Slaanesh, therefore Khorne is the natural enemy.
3. Being a smallish Renegade chapter, massive Daemon Princes, Greater Daemons, Defilers and stuff are out, yet Slaanesh tips a nod and a wink in their favour and graces them with a few gifts and Daemonettes for when things get sticky.
4. It is quite a young chapter, therefore still atuned to the Imperiums methods of Assault and Defence - Organisation of Troops is fairly ordered in comparison to most Chaos Hordes.

So - there we go.

My first army listing is going to be 1000pts, and fairly balanced (with units costing so much, best get the nasties out the way first) - there will be of course a bit of give and take on a per scenario basis, so I'm not selling them short by just playing cannon fodder troops, or pure heavy weapons.

HQ -

Lieutenant - Daemonic Essence, Dark Blade, Plasma Pistol, Bionics
Retinue of Chosen - 3 Regular Chosen, + Rapturous Standard, + Heavy Bolter
Aspiring Champ. - Daemonic Strength, Bionics, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol
Sorcerer - Wind of Chaos, Aura of Aquiescence, Minor Psy Power, Bolt Pistol, CCW
(All HQ units have Mark of Slaanesh and Furious Charge)
Total HQ - 420pts

Regular Troops-
Troops 1 - 7 regulars/1 Asp. Champ - Frag Grenades, 2 Plasma Guns, asp. champ has Power Fist and Bolt Pistol.

Troops 2 - 7 regulars/1 Asp. Champ - Frag Grenades, Autocannon, Flamer, asp. Champ has PowerFist, Bolt Pistol and Daemonic Fire.

Elite -
Possessed - 5 regular/1 Asp. Champ - Daemonic Fire, asp. champ has Lightning Claws x2, Bionics
(all possessed have Mark of Slaanesh)

Total - 999 points

Is this a playable army - are my boys are tad underpowered?
Eventually I hope to have a force which I can pick and choose troops from, with a more powerful commander without retinue, some heavier veteran troops specialising in Tank Busting, Troop scourging, Siege, Night Fighting etc. As well as Mounted Daemonettes, Rhinos for the troops, and a couple of dreadnoughts.

So, what can I do?
Is this list legal? Have I followed rules enough? Is it possible to have unaligned squads - I assume they just don't act on any mark sensitive enhancements?

As for modelling, most people with Chaos will have seen the Bright Orange of The Pyre at the backof their Codex, which is what I'm drawing the inspiration from except that I'll be mixing in some regular SM and Sisters of Battle Components and figures to give that Slaaneshi elegance to the squads - these guys find the barbarism of Khorne repugnant and prefer the more subtle knife approach (even though the HQ has Furious Charge!) The Lieutenant here is looking to be modelled on one of the Inquisitors (the one with the face mask and large sword), the Sorcerer on one of the new female Witchhunter models, and overall aiming to make these chaos guys look much more elegant, curvy and blade like, than the usual rugged, rusted complex look of Chaos. (So lot's of Dark Eldar and Dark Angels stuff then...)

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Originally posted by Mougie@Nov 16 2003, 03:08
Heavy suppot? or lack there of
Cheers, I was kinda thinking that, though was quite looking forward to the prospect of fielding the cheap cannonfodder squads...

I was thinking of a six man Havoc Squad in a Rhino to trade for the Possessed and a couple of marines from each squad.

I've priced the Rhino at 100pts - with extra Armour, Mutated Hull and an extra pintle Combi-Melta.

The Havocs should be about 190pts with an aspiring champion, so if they replaced the possessed and I dropped a man or so from each troop squad, they'd be in.

What I'm trying to do just now is start off with a solid but basic core army and concentrating on the HQ, and expand it with more specialised troops and units to form a flexible Army List.

So, would Havocs do the trick,or would I better off with a Predator and some fast Attack (Bikers/Raptors) to balance it out better?

Thanks for the input so far.

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why stick havocs in a rhino...... that's one less turn they could be busting tanks. If your worried about getting them into a good firing posistion, give them the infiltrate vet skills.

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Originally posted by EnderUSAF@Nov 16 2003, 09:37
why stick havocs in a rhino...... that's one less turn they could be busting tanks. If your worried about getting them into a good firing posistion, give them the infiltrate vet skills.
Okay, let's see what we can do then...

HQ -

Chaos Lieutenant - Mark of Slaanesh, Daemonic Essence, Dark Blade, Plasma Pistol, Bionics, Furious Charge

Chaos Sorcerer - Mark of Slaanesh, Wind of Chaos, Minor Psychic Powers, Aura of Aquiesence, Daemon Fire, Bolt Pistol, CCW, Infiltrate.


Regulars - 2 x Bolters, 1 x Bolt Pistol, Autocannon, Plasma Gun,
Aspiring Champion - Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Spiky Bits, Melta Bombs
All have Frag Grenades

BodyBurners - 3 x Bolt Pistols, 2 x Flamers
Aspiring Champion - Daemonic Armour, Talons and Fire, Bionics, Spiky Bits
All Have Frag Grenades and Counter Attack

Rhino - Extra Armour, Mutated Hull, Havoc Launcher, Pintle Combi-Flamer


Havocs - Mark of Slaanesh, 2 x LasCannon, 2 x Missile Launcher, 1 x Sonic Blaster
Aspiring Champion - Daemonic Strength, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Bionics, Spiky Bits, Frag & Krak Grenades
All have Tank Hunters Vet. Skill.

Total Army - 1000pts

I figured for such a small amount of troops spending half the points on HQ was abit silly, so lost the chosen retinue and spent the extra on a bit more of mixed bag of troops.

So, is this any better?

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as for the cannon fodder csm. there is no cannon fodder csm. every1 is worth too many points to be counted as cannon fodder. if you want cannon fodder play alpha legion and include culties. Also the chosen retinue counts as elites. and don't combine daemon strength and power fist.
You ALWAYZ WANT YOUR HQ TO HAVE A MARK. if any of your other troops have marks. also it's good to have a INVULN save for any HQ, daemon aura is expensive, but it's worth the points!
and yay! this is my first post as a MARINE (my 101 post)

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Originally posted by BorninDarkness@Nov 20 2003, 21:06
*Points at Army Lists forum.

What do you think that's for..?

*kicks to that forum.
Hey, I'm a chaos worshipper, don't I get to make my own rules as to what is right and wrong?

Army List forum - pah! :D

Anyways back at the farm, I've made a few serious changes to the core army, but am still working through it. Thanks for all your helps so far peeps, and will update in approx two days (that'll be sunday then...) - mulling over why I'm paying 20 points more for Lascannons with the Havocs squad than I would with a regular marine, and why I'm bleeding points all over the place (so much bleeding going on maybe I should go for Khorne...).

Time, to go look at that Titan again...
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