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Brake Fluid residue...:-(

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Hey everyone. I'm just curious as to how I would go about removing this damn residue on my Marines. I dunked em in brake fluid to remove the paint, so I can re-paint them, and even after a few days, they're still slippery and stuff... I don't think paint is gonna go over it well. Any idea how to get rid of it? I figure soap and water or TSP will work well, but I want to get some "professional" advice before I do anything stupid.

Thanks for your time,

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I really don't have any experience with the brake fluid but I would suggest the soap and water first and see what happens. The soap and water isn't going to do anything bad and will most likely do the trick for you.


Cool. It works! Thanks.:yes:
If you want something less slimy as brake fluid, use simple green cleaner. leave it in for 4 or 5 days then brush off paint.
Or Castrol Super Clean, comes in a purple bottle. You'll want to soak it for 2-3 days, and black primer has a tendancy to stian the model, or stay on, thought it doesnt affect detail then.
I'm just happy to see that you actually got brake fluid to work for you. I have personally never managed to remove paint with it. I left models in brake fluid for a couple of days once, and the paint still didn't budge.

For metal models, there's nothing on the planet better than Pine Sol. Drop your models in it overnight and the next morning you can literally rinse the paint off with running water and a tiny little bit of help from an old toothbrush. NOTE: Don't ever, use Pine Sol on plastic it will melt the models like a piece of ice on a highway in July.
I usually find methylated spirits followed by a brush and a little elbow grease does the job.
I don't even know what methylated spirits are. It sounds a bit like something I might have drunk at a party once in college, but who remembers that crap?
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