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Hey all, I am a total noob. I recently went to Europe for the first time and saw a GW shop in Seville. At first I just walked by, but as the store was only a block from my hotel, my curiosity got the best of me. When I saw the detail on these TINY little miniatures I was hooked. Within 24 hours of landing back in Minneapolis I had purchased a paint/space marine starter kit. Now 3 weeks later I have decided to work on an Eldar army. So far just having fun painting/assembling, but looking forward to playing at some point in the future.
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Hey, with the holidays looming ever closer you couldn't of found a better time to catch the holiday bug :p Anyways my advice before jumping into that first game is to take a few good read throughs your rulebook, and when you think you have the rules down, go through them again! This goes the same for your codices, as nothing slows down the game, or agrivates the players like a "quick check" in the rulebook every five minutes. Don't worry if you need to check a few times, all of us do, just try to get a good grasp on the rules before jumping into that first game.
Another person falls prey to the gaming bug. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy you time here.

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