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bretonnian allies?

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has anyone ever thought of using kislevite allies in an army? the kossars are better than peasants will ever be, and boyars make them (or Men at Arms) stubborn. the fast cav has a better BS, and you may wany an extra S4 knigh unit in the army. you can take extra magic, or the guy on the bear who looks really kick-ass.

any thoughts?
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As it says in the army book, Bretonnian armies can't have allied contingents, be they Dogs of War, Empire, Kislev, or anything else. Not even their old allies the Wood Elves are allowed. Personally I think that fits in well with the Bretonnian system of honour. Most Bretonnian nobles would be loath to hire someone else to fight their battles for them.
i wouldnt take allied contingents, but i think your allowed, since they arent a dog of war payed to fight for you, but rather a entirely seperate army fighting alongside. In the kiselev army book it specifically says that bretonianns can take them as an allied contigent.
the bretonnian book says you can't take dogs of war...the kislev book says they can be allies, that means they can be together.

anyway...whould you take them? its like a whole new army to use now.
They're a very nice army - the infantry and especially the Winged Lancers are gorgeous models. If I ever used allies I'd definitely consider them.
Meh, I don't see much point, if you compare the stats/points of similar units, they're extremley alike. I'd just stick with pure Bretts.
for all those peasant players...the kossars can back up a unit of MaA in both combat and shooting, and i think that the boyars can make any unit they join stubborn! you can have mostly kossars and MaA backed up by the bret cav. with huge units of srubborn peasants or kossars.
userpaladin said:
the kossars are better than peasants will ever be
Our longbowmen outshine them, for their points cost, and with a greater range. [email protected] are cheaper, but if you want more great weapons I suppose..
While the models are nice and all, I think it's insane that they spent all that time creating the Kislev and then made only 4 units, a heavy calvary, specialized heavy calvary, fast calvary and kossars. Not too sure it makes that much sense, slightly more specialized than DoW, but basically the same.
can you imagine the set up...a boyar in a unit of peasants, the enemy doesnt think they can hold so he charges, finds they are stubbornw/ ld 8, and then get charged by some brets.

A longbowman and a peasant together is 11pts, a cheaper kossar can do both jobs well.
userpaladin said:
A longbowman and a peasant together is 11pts, a cheaper kossar can do both jobs well.
True, but seperately they do their jobs better.
Why would you though? Theres no peasent duty and if you play brets well [email protected] are there as fodder and protection for the knights. No VP banners to worry about, and no panicing the knights. Thats priceless. I did want to know if we could actually take ogres as DoW choices. Arent there some Maneaters they decorate like Brets? Or is that strictly artistic liscence?
you can't take dogs of war, just allies...

a stubborn LD8 unit with bows and great weapons is good support for anything.

the boyar alone is great. add just him to a huge unit of peasants and !wow! you have stubborn 5pt troops.
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