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Im getting kinda bored with 40k, especially with the new TVRs screwing everything up, anyways, so back to WFB

I played about 80 games of 5th Ed WFB, but it got a little tedious and the magic item stuff got simply ridiculous....

I used to play Bretonnians and ive seen a site on the web called Earl Cadfaels army (bloody brilliant site!) and it has some seriously sweet rumours about them

Does any1 else know stuff about them?

Edit: oh one other thing, is the game more balanced than it used to be- ive heard ppl say that Fast Cavalry can dominate a bit but its otherwise ok, is this true?

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Hi here's some pics and rumours from other sites here's what I know:

Questing Knights come with Great weapons as standard and can't change them.

The new pegisus(sp?) Knights are great

New lance formation 3 front rank, gains rank bonus up to +3, all models on outer edge can fight normally. Champs free for Knights. Lance now has a FLANK.

Bretonnian Lord
Prophetess of the Lady

1+ Paladins
Damsel of the Lady

Knights Errant
1+ Knights of the Realm
Peasant Bowmen

Questing Knights
0-1 Pegasus Knights
0-1 Grail Reliquae with Battle Pilgrims
Mounted Yeomen

0-1 Grail Knights
Field Trebuchets

Knights Errant have to charge if fail Ld test and enemy in range, if failed they're immune to Psych.

Special characters are Louen, The Green Knight and The Fey Enchantress

Prophetesses can have Life, Beasts or Heavens.
Damsels may have Life or Beasts.
Morgiana can have any list - with a +2 casting bonus on Life.

Grail Knights all count as Champ (2 attacks per model) but no champion for them. And any Grail Knight can acept challenges

Knightly virtues that I know of are 1 that allow knight to fight on foot, one that allows him to gain 1 more attack for each orignal As that wound. And the best one I've heard of allows KILLING BLOW against .... MONSTEROUS CREATURES!! :blink: :eek: *And the with one sweep of his sword took the Dragon's head off!!*

All units have a vow as standard. Knightly characters must buy a vow.

Vows are:

Peasant's Duty
Knight's Vow
Questing Vow
Grail Vow

Knightly characters may have virtues. Each virtue costs a set amount. However, if another knightly character wants the same virtue, then he must pay double. If a third character wants the same virtue, he pays triple for it, and so on...

Pray at start of battle 5+ ward save vrs all missile fire

Archers come with defensive stakes, and be upgraded to have Flamming arrows

Bretonnia Releases - Winter / Spring 2004

Jan 17th Bretonnian Army Deal (Contents not yet known) £112.50
Jan 31st Bretonnian Army Book £10.80
Jan 31st Knights of Bretonnia (5 Figure Boxed Set) £13.50
Jan 31st Bretonnian Men-at-Arms (16 Figure Boxed Set) £13.50
Jan 31st Bretonnian Battalion (16 Men-at-Arms, 16 Bowmen, 8 Knights, 3 Pegasus Knights) £45.00
Feb 14th Bretonnian Lord (1 Figure Blister) £6.30
Feb 21st Louen Leoncoeur King of Bretonnian (2 Figure Boxed Set) £16.20
Feb 21st Bretonnian Damsels (2 Figure Blister, 1 foot & 1 mounted) £7.20
Feb 21st The Green Knight of Bretonnia (1 Figure Boxed Set) £10.80
Feb 28th Bretonnian Bowmen (16 Figure Boxed Set) £13.50
Feb 28th Bretonnian Questing Knights (5 Figure Boxed Set) £22.50
Feb 28th Bretonnian Battle Standard (1 Figure Blister) £5.40
Mar 6th Bretonnian Questing Knight (1 Figure Blister) £5.40
Mar 6th Bretonnian Mounted Yeoman (1 Figure Blister) £4.50
Mar 13th Bretonnian Trebuchet (6 Figure Boxed Set) £16.20
Mar 20th Bretonnian Grail Reliquary (5 Figure Boxed Set) £16.20
Mar 27th Bretonnian Pegasus Knights (3 Figure Boxed Set) £13.50
Mar 27th Bretonnian Grail Knights (5 Figure Boxed Set) £22.50
Apr 3rd Bretonnian Grail Knight (1 Figure Blister) £5.40
Apr 10th Bretonnian Grail Pilgrims (10 Figure Boxed Set) £16.20
Apr 17th Bretonnian Grail Pilgrims (3 Figure Blister) £5.40
Apr 24th Bretonnian Fay Enchantress (1 Figure Boxed Set) £10.80






Army book cover

New releases

Pegasus Knights


Grail Pilgrims




Knights of the realm

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Well, for starters the magic in 6th ed is way better than in 5th ed, where it vould really be tedious as you said. It vanstly improved, you dont get the sick overloaded characters with the Heart of Woe, and SlayerSword with two 1+ saves anymore, and best of all (for you bret guys) the Repeater Bolt Thrower has been toned down ;) .

Other than that, I guess the game is really much more balanced now, since 6th ed came out :) .

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Magic is really toned down since the last edition... At least with the updated magic lists, the lore of Heavens was pretty wicked in the 6th ed. rulebook. The game got much more enjoyable with the toned down characters too, I agree on that point.

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yeah, looking around the net, basically what King Ulrik said was right- except that im told that the blessing will be a 6+ ward save against everything and str 5 and above it becomes a 5+ ward save

i cant wait to see the virtues that we get, currently our characters arent that scary, which is silly considering that a bretonnian duke who has had to chop his way through countless enemies isnt as good in HtH as a fatass Imperial Elector Count

I can't wait to get some grail knights though, they look rock hard (though for 38pts a piece they ought to be)

does anyone know if Knights of the Realm are going back to S4? ive heard from one source they are but others havent mentioned it. They definately should be, considering the enormously heavily reliance the Bretonnian army puts on its knights (we cant shoot and our magic is limited), oh and that Trebuchet is the most obnoxious idea GW has had for Bretonnians yet (great model though...)

Also, can any1 confirm what the pegasus knights armour save will be- i think its likely to be around 3+ but i wouldnt be terribly surprised if that was bumped back to 4+ (it would make a 45pts model awfully vulnerable though)
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What do you mean "can't shoot"??? You get Longbowmen or bows can't remeber which.

I haven't read much about your magic so I don't really know.

Also to some extent I agree with you about the Characters seeing as 7? or was it 9? Knights took on an army and won it must be assumed that there are other knights that hard. So your chracters should be maybe about the same as an Elector count probably with some extra vows and such.

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Bowmen get Longbows. They use certain lores, the same as any other can (eg the 8 lores in the rule book).

As for the 7 Knights, it's a scenario in the rule book. Any army can play it, but Brets were used because they are generally found wandering the world protecting the helpless. The scenario is a good one but hard, but the brets were only fighting Goblins :)

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I just read through the bretonnian supplement book on friday its amazing, and get this i get to paint one of the brettonian knight that they have at the store tomarrow, im so happy.

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I have heard that the bretonnians are suppose to be pricks. Like The english in braveheart.
What armies dont have character flaws? elves are stuck up, dwarves have the napolean complex, Skaven shoot their own troops, chaos wants to take over the world, ect. ect. ect

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2 attacks with Grail knights? errants can get immune to psych? Killing blow against beasts? PEGASUS-knights? :blink:

AAAAH! I collected Bretonnians before, but i got sick of them because of the fact that the army book wouldnt be released. I can't wait! :lol:

By the way.. i thought Bretonnia was supposed to be like the most honorable army in Warhammer? Only story i've read including them was in the dark elf book.. they got beat up by Cold One knights though.

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If our packmates weren't such scare-cowards, we wouldn't have to shoot-shoot them!
Seriously, Brets are supposed to be stuck-up. They can't take mercs, they normally don't use siege weapons (fluffwise anyway.)

A conversation about that:

Them: I thought they couldn't use siege weapons! I thought they hated them.
Me: You'd hate them, too, if you didn't have any.
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