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still making the army just need some pointers and such to beef it up. want to go in a tourny for when i'm back home, what should i do?

12 knights errant- musician, flag, boss- banner of chalons

8 knights of the realm-

16 men at arms

30 peasant bowmens- light armor

6 questing knights- musician, flag, boss- banner of defence

2 pegasus knights- musician, flag

Damsel level 2 wizard- warhorse with barding- verdant heart potion sacre

Damsel- level 2 wizard- tress of isoulde- prayer icon of quenelles=

Grail knights- full command- valorous stand

Standard Bearer Paladin- warhorse- banner of the lady- knightly temper- biting blad

Paladin- royal Pegasus- virtue of discipline- sword of heroes

Lord- virtual of ideal- armour of midsummer sun- wyrmlance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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