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Broadside Maths! (vs Armour)

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So, in one of the army list threads, someone stated that HRR broadsides were more effective against flyers than HYMP broadsides...

This is not what I expected - I would expect HRR to be more effective against av14 (duh), them to be about level at AV13 and HYMP to be better at av12 and below. HRR is about pens, HYMP is about HP attrition. so I decided to crank out some mathhammer!

I used the calculator found here:

've ignored the 'chance to destroy' column because it doesn't seem to take HP attrition into account and is only about penetrating hits (i.e. removing 6HPs was still only 60ish% to destroy)

3 x HRR:

# HitsAVPensGlancesHP Removed% to destroy

3 x HYMP:

# HitsAVPensGlancesHP Removed% to Destroy

So, HYMP is clearly superior at AV12 and below and will destroy things (as expected) with Hull Point attrition

At AV13, HYMP is superior at HP Attrition, but HRR balances this out with the fact that it can penetrate (and therefore straight up destroy it)

And obviously at AV14 HRR out performs - though it can only remove HPs

If you want to consider a jink save (or a helldrake's Inv save), simply multiple each figure by 2/3


How about... broadsides with EWOS shooting at fliers that arrive from reserve (no velocity tracker), relatively common setup for them

# HitsAVPensGlancesHP Removed% To Destroy

# HitsAVPensGlancesHP Removed% To Destroy

Statistically speaking, HYMP is 3 times as powerful as the HRR in this instance
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I have to agree with your looking at it for just the guns, but I still like the HRR for it's range and the Instant Death chances against multi-wound models.

With the shorter Range of the HYMP you can't hold up in a corner of the board and hit whatever you want (for the most part) like you can with the HRR. The HYMP needs to be center of your lines and pushing forward (if they are going to support units moving in to the enemy deployment zone). For this role I prefer the Missile Crisis Suites, they may lack the 2+ armor and the Twin-linked, but for me their mobility and lower cost off set that. The enemy can't shoot what they can't see when the Crisis Suites jump back behind a building.

just as a finisher both the HYMP and the HRR are good, I think it just depends on how you plan to use them.
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