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BT 1500 pnt list

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Heres the plan for my current army of Black Templars. Some of these i havent procured, so its still all speculation.


Reclusiarch Issach Guilbert -142 pnts
-Jumppack, bp, terminator honors, holy orb, frags

Emperor's Champion Gannis - 100 pnts
Uphold the honor of the emperor


Sword Bretheren Squad x8 -227 pnts
-x3 term honors, lightning claws, power weapon, Infiltrate, combat shield


Crusader Squad x20 -280 pnts
-power weapon, meltagun, x10 neophytes

Crusader Squad x10 -161 pnts
-power fist, meltagun, x4 neophytes
+30 pnts Droppod

Crusader Squad x10 -161 pnts
-power fist, meltagun, x4 neophytes
+30 pnts Droppod

Fast Attack

Assault Squad x8 219 pnts
-power fist, x2 flamers, meltabombs

Heavy Support

Predator Annihilator - 150 pnts
-Lascannon sponsons, extra armor

Comments/Critisisms much appreciated. Especially for my wallet :D
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you should try to take the termie honours off the sword brethren (it makes them 29!!! points) and with that take accept any challenge Vow on your Champion.

you also got the points wrong for the first crusader squad, its actually 285 points
The points on the big crusader squad aren't wrong. Theres a power weapon in it....not a power fist.

Ill think about dropping the honors, but then if i took a more expensive vow i'd be 5 points over.

*shrugs* mabey drop the extra armor off the pred...

Thanks for the comments though.
the only thing i can spot other than what tanfew said, is that you probably only need one flamer in that assult squad. take 2 plasma pistols & a powerfist instead
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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