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What are you crazy:O ! EC point sink,i reckon he is a bargain! And he can go up strength 7 i think! And he doesnt even take up a HQ slot.The only bad thing about him is his base 2 attacks,dont like that at all.

I dont really like the new Black Templars at all.They dont have that much going for them.
So Murekhalir, do you want a chapter that is a monsterous close combat force? If so then the templars arent for you. The templars are a more balanced force with a few good close combat units in them,but they do not match up to chapters like space wolves or blood angels in combat.

The units that they do have that no other chapter has are:
The glorious Emperors Champion.Such a cool character and a IC killer!
Sword of Brethen.These guys are pretty nasty with their options to take LC's,PW,and i think PF's aswell.
Ah their bike squad are interesting and i find them to be really cool.They can feild up to 3 power weapons or meltaguns.Expensive though but deadly if used right.
Ah thats it isnt it? Ive probably left something out..i can feel it lol.

Anyway the games ive had against them i found them not too hard to deal with.They are definately not a close combat machine,even if you equip them as hard as you can to be.Blood Angels or SW's are better at that job:yes:
But yeah there models and feel of the army is awesome.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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