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Hi all,
I'm slowly building a Daemons army and need some advice on Greater Daemons

I originally wanted to run an all khorne list, but after a few games proxying what I don' thave I've realized that this isn't the most effective idea. So i've thrown in some tzeench for flamers, some slaneesh for daemonettes just because i like the models, and a soul grinder modeled for nurgle just for the flavor of it.

My question is should i stick with my original idea of using Skarbrand or another Bloodthirster, or switch over to a Keeper of Secrets.

My thoughts on this are that the KoS is cheaper, has fleet (yay fleet) and can be just as strong as a base bloothirster if you give her unholy might (I say her because if i did this i'd be converting something to look like a giant daemonette instead of the pos kos model)

Cons are of course it doesn't have daemonic flight like the bloodletter and it doesn't have ironhide ( 3+ saves are a good thing)

I wanted to know your thoughts on the matter :) thanks!

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I also prefer the Keeper, for the reasons ==Me== has already stated. It's quick, has a very large number of attacks, and its initiative of 10 ensures that it's definitely going to hit first, and will have no trouble breaking away and re-assaulting if you give him musk (and you should).

Bloodthirsters are tougher, and make for a better 'front line' monstrous creature, but I think Daemon Princes of Nurgle do it better.
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