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Building a russ

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I may be getting a leman russ tank today ,

and I would like to know how easy to build it is?

are there any instructions?

are there instructions online?

or is it really simple?

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Building a Russ isn't that hard, I'll tell you as someone who has built 10 of them for their AC.

It comes with instructions, so overall there shouldn't be a problem. There's only 2 areas you may find to think about, I find one of the first jobs - the tracks - annoying and fiddly but no major problem.

What you should really think about before you even touch it is your upgrades, namely what is useful and what is not. A common noob mistake is to throw all of your upgrades on the model, and then think about what you will actually use afterwards. DONT.

Instead build the model, but don't touch the upgrade sprue until you have decided what upgrades you want to use. In reality there are only 1/2 on that sprue that are actually any good. I would also recommend you see if you can get a spare Heavy Bolter from a friend and stick it as the hull weapon instead of that Lascannon. I personally consider it better to have 3 Heavy Bolters, as if you shoot that Lascannon all your other weapons are wasted (can't use Ordinance, the Sponsons can't hurt tanks). Other vets will give you advice and their opinions, but that's mine.
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i'm not likely to get a spare heavy bolter frpm anyone

What are the good and the useless upgrades?
On my russ I put on the Light and the Heavy Stubber. I also went with the 3 HB upgrades. However, I suggest you use the Lascannon if you expect to take on other thanks with it. My russie is designed to take on troops.
personally i dont think that the stubber is worth it, 12 points is just too much for so little compared to 2 HB for 10 points, so i go with the 3 HB and nothin else.
My russes don't get any upgrades, or sponsons either. Just a HHB. I think the sponsons are really oversized and dumb looking, and I'm really cheap with my tanks anyways. That's the Imperial Guard way, cheap cheap cheap! :)
paint the tracks while they are stil on the sprue...
it's very easy to paint when they are stil on the sprue
when you finished painting your tank,
glue them on the tank.
so you wont have any paintingmistakes on your tank while painting the tracks
it's also a way quicker...
thanks all,

sadly my hobby shop didn't have much stock (its been like that for weeks!)

so no leman for me :(

hopefully they'll get restocked sometime.

I know this is really changing this topic but

does anyone have wh40k and lotr I want to know the size and scale differences between the men. Pictures would be great

EDIT- N/M its 28mm to 10mm lotr is tiny compared to 40k
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My russes don't get any upgrades, or sponsons either. Just a HHB. I think the sponsons are really oversized and dumb looking, and I'm really cheap with my tanks anyways. That's the Imperial Guard way, cheap cheap cheap!
Where else is it possible to buy two Heavy Bolters for ten points in the Imperial Guard list? I would call adding sponsons one of the cheapest upgrades in the entire army list. Not to mention, they are actually useful in this edition of 40k since it is now possible to move and fire them. Also, there will come a time when the main battle cannon is rendered useless and at that exact moment, the Heavy Bolters will be worth their weight in gold.

Worlds Collide
At anyrate, don't put the Hunter Killer Missile on, that is a complete waste of points.
I think the configuration you take is very contingent on what kind of list you run. In an AC list, the triple HB pattern is very strong because it shores up your ability to kill infantry and it gives every tank a good fallback role in the event the battle cannon gets knocked out.

However, in my infantry-heavy list, I almost always go with a hull LC and no sponsons because I find I rarely have problems killing HB-vulnerable infantry with my big pile o' guardsmen. If the battle cannon gets knocked out, I'd rather have the vehicle continue in a tank-hunting role. Also, the LC can be a more effective armor-killer than the battle cannon.

And I wouldn't discount H-K missiles entirely. If you just get one, it is a waste. But if you field a handful, you can gain an early superiority in armor, which can be a game breaker. When I use them, I tend to put them on Lascannon Sentinels and I tend to field four. With the scouting move, that can be a devastating first sortie.
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