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so i am, as an imperial guard fan, a fan of the tanith ghost books, and therefor the bloodpact.

so of course im building the army.

my question to you guys is what your feeling on the force would be (list your doctrines and a description of what you would put in the list)

my two ideas:

early in the series:
earlier on they were much more hardcore and just really good troops. so...

storm troopers
iron discipline
carapace armor
special weapon squads

i would run about 40 storm troopers as well as the one veteran squad and probably some sentinels to run as stalk tanks.

or only in dead style.
gobs and gobs of crazy people

independent commissars
heavy weapon platoons
iron discipline
warrior weapons

what do you guys think?

Shrug, k...
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i'd say something along what gw had once posted under unorthodox doctrine armies for the bloodpact. using, Veterans and Grenadiers, then whatever other 3 doctrines you saw fit.

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Drop Storm Troopers from your original list. You're already taking Grenadiers, so you don't need it.

Take Independent Commies. They will represent the enemy commies you see in Traitor General.

Good luck.

Mr Commisar to you
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Blood pact as stormtroopers never really sat well with me. Veterans they are but they dont have more powerful rifles or wear more armour. I'd max out on vets and go for a well disciplined platoon iron discipline wud be good.
Dont forget the snub nosed autocannons and the missile launchers. I'd say go assaulty on a platoon command aswell (more fluff than anything else).
Perhaps inquisitor rules to proxy in some manic Gaur type.
Special weapons squads definately and What are you going to be using for stalk tanks? Personally I'd go more with sentinel rules with multilas unless you VDR them.

Commisarlestat/Blood pact gang - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

click on the above for a little inspiration!

Good luck, hope this helps

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