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Well, I wouldn't recommend 2 butchers for the reason that if a butcher has already cast (or attempted?) a spell, for another butcher to attempt it again, it will be 6+ to cast rather than the usual 3+. So, basically, I think it works out to be a little ineffective for the cost of another butcher. However, with 1 butcher you can still get maybe a spell or 2 (if you are lucky) off a turn, depending upon your opponents magic defense. If you give the butcher a bang stick, then you potentially have 5 spells a turn (or on average about 3 or 4 spells successfully cast...more likely to be 4 I think?). And if you roll a 4 or more, then your opponent will probably have to use 2 dice to ensure dispelling it. Remember to choose the order in which you cast your spells well, so that you can get the ones you want to go off to cast (if you are lucky enough with the dice of course).
So, I would recommend the Hunter (with 2 Sabreteeth (plural?)) and a Butcher. I would also recommend giving the butcher a dispel scroll because you will be low on magic defense unless you take things like the Gnoblar Theifstone and the Rune Banner etc. etc. The Hunter alone with his pets makes a great flanking unit, and I think that would be more useful in an ogre army than another butcher just for 2 extra power dice, because getting the other butcher to cast spells really wouldn't be that helpful (as stated before). Plus you would have to find another unit to babysit the other butcher unless you plan to field him on his own...
(I hope the ramble makes some sense and his helpful...I really do!)
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