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I'm mulling over the same problem myself (see sig I'm building OK too)
I intend to use a fair number of gnoblars however, and want 2 squads of trapper. . .so I've decided that I do want the Hunter. (good thing as I already bought the model on cool factor) So I ask myself for 2000pts what do I do? Tyrant, Hunter & 2 butchers? Bruiser, hunter & 2 butchers? Too bad that hunters and butchers can't be general; it kinda cramps your options.

As I'm still building my army I'm not a veteren so don't count on me being right, but to the best of my reading it's only sucessful spells that need to be cast on a higher number. Also there are 6 spells in the list, there should be enough to go around anyway. I don't see it being a problem at the 2 butcher level. . . I see the advantage of 2 butchers being 2 more spell attempts, 1 more dispel die, pluss the option to take more dispel scrolls ect. . .
Now the way I see it is that the last two extra spells you try are the most likely to get off. If 1 butcher could get one off a turn(after dispells), then 2 butchers could get off 3. Tell me if my logic is wrong.

My question however is: is it worth pouring a lot more points into another expensive character? I just don't know. . .
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