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Byjugo's WIP Thread

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Hi all!

I've been around on the forum for quite some time now, and i think it is time to share some of my goodies with you. Here i'll be posting pictures of my newly painted/modelled units, and possibly ask you guys for some advise.
I'm not a really regular hobbyist, so it could take quite some while between posts.

I'm collecting both a High Elf and a Goblin Army, so that's what you'll see here the most.
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Looks pretty solid for a quick paint-job. Good luck running the painting workshop, sounds like a great idea!
How on earth did I miss this??? Those chariots are awesome :D I really like how you've done the yokes. Almost like an Orcy (or is that gobliny) trident or something.

It's just a shame about the Elves in this thread though. I think Elves in any thread brings down the standards. Stupid Elves.

DAN: the reason I didn't use Balsa for trees is that the texture of the balsa is 'wrong' when you doing a trunk. Bark isn't textured like that. It's random and sometimes quite smooth. For planks it's ok but I prefer the way Green stuff paints up compared to Balsa. When you paint Balsa it looks like...... Painted Balsa. :)
Could I recommend a simple wash on the chainmail there to bring out the shadows better? Otherwise a very solid job for 3 hours!
[MENTION=22440]Deadstar_MRC[/MENTION]: Thanks, yeah It's quite fun to run such a workshop. It isn't really high standard or something, it's mostly to get new players into the hobby. We've got quite a few 12/13/14-year olds that just dip their models in a single colour and call it painted. I hope we can get a few of those to become a bit more critical and acctually use 3 colours :p

[MENTION=30990]Lord Borak[/MENTION]: Thanks a lot :) Sorry about the elves, but you'll have to bear with that :p

[MENTION=43711]Andy_G[/MENTION]: I already shaded the chainmail with levathian purple/badab black. But the picture just makes it a bit flat. In real it actually is quite dark on the chainmail.
Update! YAY!

So here is it: My Arachnarok Spider!

I've inspired the color scheme on some sort of yellow spider I found on the interwebz, but it turned out to be a bit like a wasp. I really like it :)
Please let me know what you think! Even if you think it is rubbish :p

Next up will probably be my chariots (or one of them) but that will most likely take a while because I'll be on vacation for the next 2 weeks, and a week later i'll be gone for a week again :p
So next update will probably in 6 weeks or so :(
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Ha, not to worry about your being away - we'll just look at the pretty spider until you get back!

Awesome work :D Looks brilliantly creepy
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