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(Chosen Aspiring Champions)

I've decided to get some chaos, but as a modelling thing, rather than for playing with. Therefore, I want to make them look as cool as possible.

I am getting: A box of 3 bikers, and two bikers. (I want to box of 3 so that I get some spare parts for an AC to play about with).

One is going to be a Lord. The others are going to be Chosen Aspiring Champions. I know that I'm going to give the Lord a Darkblade, and one of the others a Dreadaxe. I'm thinking of modelling another with daemonic talons. Most of them will have some form of Daemonic mutation. I'll probably give another a hammer, and another a mace. Something like that.

Any cool ways/things to model? What are the bikes made out of? Paint schemes any good?
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