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Cadian and SM Question

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Well we all Know that Cadia produces some of the finest guardsmen in the Imperium, so why isn't there a Space Marine Chapter recruiting from Cadia? Cadians are trained from birth to be soldiers, sounds like an excellent reason for space marines to recruit them, so why not?
Also thinking about it why wouldn't space marines recruit from Catachan guardsmen? Just a question that has been bugging me.
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I guess GW want some planets to be SM free. But it does seem strange.
Who says there arent SM chapters recruiting from catachan worlds or cadia? There are about a 1000 chapters. Waaaay more than the "popular" generic chapters. That's why you can make your own chapter and what not. You want to write fluff where a chapter does this? Go right ahead. But remember SM chapters don't recruit from guardsmen themselves because their too old. SM chapters start recruiting aspirants at very young ages (around early teens). The youngest guardsmen in basic training would be about 16. This is generally too old for SM chapters. Some implants take a year or more to adapt to the aspirants body. Not to mention all the rigorous training they have to go through before recieving any implants.
numberofthebeast is correct.. I'm sure chapters have recruited from Cadia at some point.

However, there is no chapter we are aware of which recruits primarily from Cadia. The reason? Well I'd imagine Cadian youth armies just aren't what they're looking for.. They want deranged savages who were chopping up deadly predators since they were five, or gladiators who scored their first arena kill before they were out of nappies.

You're right, Cadians are trained from birth to be soldiers. However, a soldier is something different from a warrior. Soldiers are trained by performing drill, learning to follow orders and to work as a team, through play excercises and mock engagements. Warriors are trained by killing things, and by surviving against the odds in a harsh environment, and through real engagements in which most of them die.

The implication is that warriors make better (or at least more popular) SM recruits than soldiers.
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