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Can infantry-heavy armies be aggressive?

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I'm very new at Warhammer, and still trying to determine what army and tactics are right for me. I have a preoccupation with infantry, and would like to use an army with many models on foot. I'd also like to be aggressive when needed, since I'm not the type to hang back behind gunlines and warmachines. Can this happen with an infantry force? I don't intend to have something entirely composed of infantry, and would definately plan on having some cavalry and scouts to slow down the enemy (since my own army would be slow by comparison).

Does anyone have experience suceeding with such an army, and are there particular armies most suited to relying heavily on aggressive infantry to win the day?
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Of course infantry can do great in combat! I play lizardmen and my blocks of saurus rock in CC. If you're the aggressive type, and want tons of units, go with Orcs and Goblins maybe. orcs get the job done and are insanely cheap in points. I dont know if they have anything that can scout though. Lizardmen are also something i would suggest. Saurus are very good in CC and skinks make great scouts. lizardmen have something for just about everything you need. Except or shooting, which doesnt fit your playstyle anyway.
Although it depends on how you like to play and how you want to allocate you points but i think Chaos are an awesome agressive army. Whether it be undivided or a sole chaos army they both make great agressive armies and you can make a khorne unit champion have more attacks than a high elf hero, now thats agressive!
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