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Can the Cauldron be moved?

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We have never used it before. Can it be moved like some other war machines? Is it even worth taking in hard lists?
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Yes, the cauldron can move.

It's a warmachine and thus moves as one. 5", no march moves and so on...

It's a very viable option sience it can give you the right type of support, at the right time, at the right unit!

I wouldn't say it's mandatoy, but it's Really good!
It's allmost worth taking just for those games when it's beeing charged by fast cav, skirmishers or the like... ^^
It's really good in CC (for a warmachine!) and pretty damn hard to kill with shooting!
You can allso make it a BSB if you like. Pretty nice, sience it's supposed to stay close to, but behind, your lines anyway!

I didn't like it at first, but then I decided to give it a go and now... well... I'm in love with it! :kissing:
Thats cool. Is it worth adding more khainite units to an army to take advantage of the stubborn bonus?
It depends on your play style. My army is led by hellborn and have a khanite themed army with 2 cauldrons. So i have my entire army stubborn which i really like.
Witches are down right mean with KB blessing, and they do a good job hiding behind crossbows for counter charges. So I would say if you take a cauldron, it is worth taking a medium sized unit of witches (10-15) as a counter charge unit. (or if you are playing against slow block armies, as a main attack unit for R&F)

That being said, one of the best targets for a cauldron blessing is interestingly enough, the war hydra. Since the hydra gets 7 attacks, and the handlers get 3 attacks each, that is 13 KB attacks.

I don't recommend executioners unless you are trying to stay to theme. They just don't have much going for them, and can really only do well when you sink a ton of points into them, or treat them as a cheap throw away flanker. (at 12 points a model, they are bit expensive per model for that...) MSU of 6, assuming you have the FOC spots, is how I would run them. Sure they won't do much, but 6 is a good width for a flanking unit, and you aren't wasting any points on extra ranks that you don't need. Sure if you lose 2 models, they can't deny rank bonus, but in a cauldron list, assuming you kept the unit close, as long as 1 model is still alive, they can hold up a huge block of guys until your next turn.
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