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Can the General and the Army standard bearer be from different races?

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I was just reading this thread and I noticed that the guy wants to take a Beastlord as the general and an Aspiring champion as the army standard bearer.

For all other armies, it's never an issue, but chaos being essentially a force comprised of several separate 'races', the thought occurred to me. Is it legal for the general to be of one race and the army standard to be an entirely different race?!

I'm guessing the answer is probably 'yes, it's legal', if only because there isn't a rule to say you can't, but thinking about it, it does seem slightly wrong that the two can be, essentially, characters from different armies. I mean, would the proud warriors of chaos really want their army banner held aloft by some stinking, mutated beast? Or how would the powerful Gors feel about their banner being carried by one of those frail, hornless pinkskins? :huh:

Anyone else got any thoughts on the subject?
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The proud warriors of choas often see mutation as a mark of honour and beastmen I believe have been reffered to (at least in the very early editions) as the children of chaos. I see where you are coming from but I think it is important to remember that ultimatly once you dedicate yourself to chaos you becoming something less and more than human and the boundries between races are no longer so applicable.
True enough, but lets face it, the countless races, cults and armies of Chaos don't have the friendliest relations with each other at the best of times. Just because they're all equally damned, doesn't mean they're the best of buddies!
Well, after looking through my BoC Armybook (the part about mixing Heroes) there isn't mentioned that they could not do it.
The thing mentioned is that they use General and Battlestandard as usual.
So I'd say it's legal; since Beastmen Heroes can't join mortal Units and Vice Versa it's not that much of an issue.
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