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Captain Cortez revision.

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Sorry about previous post. Just wanted to know which army maker is correct as I do not have the WD 276 to refer to.

The Armies of the imperium CD lets Captain Cortez have a command squad, but they are not a normal command squad. They are Bodyguards and you cannot give them cc weapon + bolt pistol. You can give the unit a razorback.

Army builder however lets you give Cortez a normal command squad with the regular upgrades, but no transport.

Which is correct? Normal command or bodyguards? Transport or no Transport?

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AotI is a GW product....Army Builder is not.

Which do you think is more likely correct?

Admittedly however AotI(and EotI for that matter) both do have many errors in what they do/don't allow you to take.
Yeah you would think that AotI would be the right one. On the other hand if you choose Space Marines 4.0 and select show special characters. Then you choose the Crimson Fists traits you can't even add Captain Cortez, but you can add the Imperial Fists SC. So I would rather see if anyone on this forum knows than just guess. I will probably just have to order the WD though.

Also that Captain Cortez is from the original Aoti not the update so I don't know if it's the one from the WD or the one from the old codex.
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