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Hey Guys, i play 40k but do all kinds of conversions. And i would like to know what you guys think about Centaurs. I chose Woodelves, as the most likely army to have some, and I would like it if you guys could help me build some rules for them, I dont know much about the Fantasy rules, so if you guys couyld find it in your hearts to share your thoughts on movement, WS, BS, S, T, special rules and all that, it would be great.

Thanks in Advance.
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Centaurs are in the Beasts of Chaos list....Look there....
True, although they are a hybrid between a Daemon and beast. Called centigors. They look a lot like Centaurs.

lol oh yeah, I got a little confused there, sorry. But yeah, use the Centigor stats as help. Maybe have centaurs only T3 but faster movement or something? You could also change them to S3 but with spears, that way they will be fairly cheap...(or cheaper than Centigors anyway).
I dunno.
There was a thread in this forum about somebody converting some centaurs. It was mostly about modding and not about stats. However, I think this could be fun.
haha yeh centigors, i looked at them and am like, oh good as, but they look so, evil and messy. thats mainly what inspired me to make a good versian of them when i coudlnt find any, plus ive always like centaurs. really, i just want to make some though (conversian addict), which ive already half done. theyre starting to look really good i might add, and if i can find a digital camera ill post some pictures for sure.

yep, some are going to have spears, and some, bows. leather armour, the ones with spears will have shields. one will have a banner or soemthing, horns (ones you blow in), dont know if these have rules representing them, but theyre gunna be there for deco. ohhhhhh, so much green stuff.

i was thinking though

special rules: fast cavalry.

hows that sounds guys, though i havent aclue about warhammer rules. hope its not too powerful.
How owerful it is can be balanced by points cost, you dont find a dragon for 10pts. SO how much will ur centaurs be?
I just use wild riders for my centaur army, their stats are very well depicted IMO.
Actually, I would suggest Glade Riders for Centaur stats. They have Fast Cavalry and can use bows.

Wild Riders have way too many special abilities that do not seem to fit fluff for Centaurs. Causing Fear, Tatoos, etc....
ok cool, so how do i represent the centaur, say, kicking some guy in face with his hooves? cause i mean thats the reason i gave him two attacks.

yeh well im using the glade riders as the base of the conversion. so haha, may as well use their stats as well. with a few special rules. plus, in myth, centaurs are star gazers, but usually drunk and wild. any special rules there yous can think of? once again i suck when it comes to fantasy rules, but if yous name the rules ill go into my local stockist and look them up. muahaha, saves me 75 bucks...

but heres a joke.

knock knock

whos there?

one centaur

OH WICKED, A ONE CENT *****, come right in!!

ok dirty and wrong, but yeh.
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You could always use the special rules for centaurs listed in the Beasts of Chaos army book. the extra attak one and the one where a dice roll affects their behaviour. Cant post the rules so just tlook up the unit in the book.
With 1 attack for the rider and 1 for the horse already on the gladerider statline you have your 2 attacks.
you should make both attacks at strength 4. Since they centaur is both rider and mount.
A centaur is a rider AND a mount.....not a rider with a mount, hence there is no head for the mount to attack with, only legs....LIke the charge move in the beast of chaos list....I hope that is what you meant....and it probably is.....*cough*
It was. if you want to make centaurs make them like the ones in BofC. They will give a good line of stats and rules which you can then build on.
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