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centigor for mordheim, WIP

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there's some mess still to be fixed, but as i had to cut his body up quite badly to get the arm off, but i'll clean it up eventually. the arm was my first try at sculpting a muscled arm and i'm quite pleased with it.

pics are a bit meh, but better pics will be posted once i get it painted.

oh, the axe is made from plasticard
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I like it, it's pretty nice, but shouldn't this be in the Conversion forum?
oh, right. i always get confused by the forums here, the forums i usually visit have a generic P&M section.

mods, please move this, pretty please?
wow very nice! what kind of warband is he going in? post some pics up when hes painted ;)
Looks good, but what is that GS on the side of him? Some sort of mutation or what?
it's just a failed attempt at fixing the sliced part and i just left it to be, i'll smoothen the body and resculpt the figures.

thanks for the comments and he's being used in a beastmen warband.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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