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Hello there fellow scenery builders!

At the top of this forum there is a very nice thread (sticky) that provides an excellent source of info on scenery resources. This thread (and any subsequent ones) will be about little snippets of advice, information and techniques I have discovered during my time in this hobby.

So, for this thread, the topic will be a resource that is available to all to use: The Sprue. The Sprue can be put to many useful practices, rather than just being thrown in the bin after our models have been made.

So, to start off, heres how to create 'the wood effect'. It's simple to do, and looks effective.

Simple take a modelling saw. If you don't have one, use any fine-toothed saw, and gentle scrape it length-ways along the sprue, scoring lines into the plastic. Hey-presto, you have a wood effect! Your new peice of 'wood', can then be applied to a foamboard building, to create a look that's perfect for Empire scenery. Or you could use it for whatever else you may want, such as a wood pile.

Secondly: The Rubbish heap.

This one is just as simple. All that you'll need is some modelling clay or putty, some sprue, and anything else from your bitzbox that you want to add. Some modelling gravel is also handy, to reinforce the effect. Ok, so first, make a mound of clay/putty, and sink into it bits from the sprue, along with any bits of card, tank tracks, dead necrons etc that you want to add. Then, using PVA glue, add some modelling gravel to some of the sprue/card, and you can also sink it into the clay. The reslut is a nice little rubbish dump or refuse pile. It looks best when painted in rusty reds.

Thirdly; Brickwork.

This one is not advisable for anyone who is short on patience. Basically, you cut up the sprue into little cuboids, and there you have 'bricks'. They can be used to build walls, added to areas of scenery, or whatever you please. It's simple, but time consuming.

So their you have it. What you can do with your sprues. Please let me know what you thought of this, and do tell me if you have any other interesting ways of putting sprues to good use.
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