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I have a question which has come up in recent games and we have been unable to come to an agreement.

Does a Dreadnought have to roll Fire Frenzy when locked in close combat?

The problem being that it states under the Fire Frenzy rule on a roll of 1 (Blood Rage) that "If already in close combat, the Dreadnought will continue to fight with double its Attacks characteristic. If the Dreadnought is Immobilised and not in close Combat, treat this result as a Fire Frenzy."

And under a roll of 6 (Fire Frenzy) the rule states that "If the Dreadnought has no functioning weapons or no possible targets in range, treat this result as Blood Rage instead."

The problem came when the Dreadnought was locked in close combat with a Marine Squad. Fire Frenzy was rolled and a 6 came up. Now, as the Dreadnought was locked in close combat it could be argued that there were no targets in range, as a Dreadnought cannot fire it's guns in close combat. So I felt that the roll should then be counted as a Blood Rage instead, as per the rules.

My opponent insisted that it does not and the Dreadnought should then not be able to attack at all that turn.

What are other players thoughts?


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You were right.

A target locked in a Close Combat is, by the rules, not a target. Can't be targetted. That's it.

Meaning, they aren't in range, as they aren't a target.

Meaning, it would become Blood Rage.

See where I'm going with this?

Just tell your opponent that next time... you can't target units locked in a combat.

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