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Chaos dwarf fluff

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Hello fellow dark thanes and princes of Zharr naggarund i am a starting chaos general that wants to knwo where do i find fluff on chaos dwarves?They kick so much butt i just cant find anty fluff...
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Hmm I think your best bet would be to attempt to find previous rulebooks/army books from older editions. Maybe they'll be on ebay?

CD aren't in the new edition yet, you can find a little bit on them in Hordes of Chaos, though not much.
Thanks for the help and ive pretty much read the hordes of chaos book dry lol no CD there.

P.S:Who is hashut?
Champion of Slaanesh said:
P.S:Who is hashut?
The god that the Chaos Dwarves worship.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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