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Hey folks!

Trying my hand at a cheesey 2500 point Chaos Dwarf list, obviously taken from Forge World's "Tamurkhan" book. Special thanks to them for finally making this amazing race an official army! Anyway here it goes...

Sorc Proph
- lvl 4
- Chalice (Thinking of replacing with Black Hammer of Hashut, any thoughts?)
- enchanted shield
- tali of pres
- Lore of Hashut

2x Daemonsmith
- 1 with dispel scroll
- Not sure what lore, any thoughts?

- bsb
- Mask ofThe Furnace
- Great Weapon
- 6+ ward vs war machines

26 Infernal Guard
- Axe/Hammer & Board
- Flag
- Muse
- Armor Piercing Banner

49 Hobgoblins
- Flag
- Muse
- Bows

Iron Daemon
- Hellbound

2x Shriekers



I think the shooting phase from this army is going to be killer. The 2 shriekers will both have their own re-roll due to Daemonsmiths, the hellcannon will stay close to sorc proph in IG unit and get it's own reroll as well. Chances are things will be decimated by them and only really bad luck will show me a misfire. Iron Daemon has only a 2.7% (snake eyes) chance of misfiring which is as good as never so thats another sure shot.

Magic phase will be great as well as I have 3 channelers as well as the chalice. I might drop that item due to its general negativity and replace it with the black hammer which kills flammable models outright. When my opponent finally gets to me they'll be charged by the hellcannon, destroyer, Iron Daemon and Infernal Guards with the 2 characters and the hobos.

I think its pretty spot on. A few problems im forseeing.

- Numbers (as always with dwarves)
- Bad luck on shooting
- Skaven (the bane of any elite type army)
- Not enough hard hitters.
- IG unit getting templated or blasted (if I dont blast them first)

Any thoughts from you fine gents would be great.


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Nice list! I'm planning a very similar one!

My advice/changes would be:

- add a couple of hobgoblin kahn's on wolves to use as redirecters or to hunt warmachines, they are cheap and fast!

- drop at least one of the deathshriekers and replace it with a magma cannon, these are brutal, essentially a warp fire thrower with more range and harder to kill. Worth every point, can decimate units and Death Stars!

-maybe split the hobgoblin into two units(this is a maybe). Can give you a chance to shoot two targets and maybe distract them a bit more, anyone in their right mind will try avoid the big block of cannon fodder. But in saying that a big unit can be great for just that reason, from my time playing skaven it's a good method to hold up a heavy hitter with a stead fast low cost unit. - side note, the iron daemon is up breakable and tough and can do this also!

- replace the hell cannon with a dread quake mortar. These things with the slave ogre and hellhound have T8 and 7 wounds. Really hard to kill and shoots the same shot as the hell cannon but with the dangerous terrain tests afterwards can keep units stationary!

Hope this helps a bit!
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