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HI this is my first army list go crazy on criticism,
these heretics chose to worship the chaos god of helios as thge imperium burned around them, they have an everlasting love of flame and have manyy breakaway factions of arsonists.

Pyro maniac

wargear: flamer, promethium grenades. up to 3 maniacs may replace flamer with incendiary missile launcher for +10 pts.

Pyro Champion

wargear: heavy flamer, promethium grenades

Special rules:

Intense heat - During the squads shooting phase they may opt to fire upon a piece of terrain(long grass, bushes, trees, jungle, woods etc.). if 4 maniacs hit the terrain, it is removed on a 5+. this rule affects vehicles with armour 10 or higher.

Promethium grenades - once in combat a maniac may use promethium grenades which have the following profile. S4 AP5 blast. place a blast template in contact with the maniacs base and roll to hit.

Incendiary Missile - Incendiary missiles have the following profile. S4 AP5 large blast.

Flame Worshippers

Wargear:storm bolter with incendiary rounds, promethium grenades, power fist

Psychic powers: Incinerate

Special Rules:

Incendiary rounds - Worshippers storm bolters are loaded with incendiary rounds which have the following profile. S4 AP5 R 24' blast assault 1.

Incinerate - the great flame god Helios has gifted a chosen few with his abilities. Incinerate has the following profile. S5 AP4 R18' blast assault 1.

firestorm squad

number/squad: 1 champion and 4 firestorm marines

Wargear: Incendiary missile launcher, promethium grenades, champion has a power weapon.

fire breather

number/squad: 5-10 fire breathers

Wargear: Flamers, Fire swords, jump packs.

Special rules:

Fireswords - any model in combat with fire breathers has -1 to their toughness charecteristic. fire swords are treated like chainswords.

Intense heat - fire warriors benefit from the intense heat special rule.

scorch marine

number/squad: 1 champion and 4-10 scorch marines

Wargear: Heavy flamers, promethium grenades.

psychic powers: incinerate( champion only)

Special rules:

Intense heat - scorch marines benefit from intense heat special rule.

infiltrate - scorch marines have the infiltrate special rule.

flame lord

Wargear: Firesword, heavy flamer, promethium grenades

Psychic powers: Incinerate, hellfire

Helion Mechanica

number/squad: 1-5 Helion Mechanica

wargear: Incendiary missile launcher, dreadnought close combat weapon wuth integrated heavy flamer.
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