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Hej guys,

After some pretty worthless lists I radically changed it and this is what I came up. Please comment.

Winged Lash Prince

5 x terminator (most likely going to deep strike)
- Icon of Slaanesh
- 1 powerfist
- 1 heavy flamer

2 x 10 Berzerkers,
- skull champ with PF
2 x Rhino

2 Defillers, 2 CC arms.

2 obliterators

This list still leaves 50 points unspent.
I want this list to be pretty powerfull. As the last time I played chaos it was with the old Codex. I think it's better to start with a list that ownes, and then downgrade it as I get better. Though I do not want two lashes.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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Just glancing over your list and thought I'd suggest switching the Terminators to more of an anti-armor role, as your list seems lighter on that end. Like Dracus suggested, I'd give them all Combi-Meltas and maybe also upgrading the Powerfist to a Chainfist.

(And subsequently placing Icons on the Berzerker champs would help to that end. As well as Combi-Meltas atop the two Rhinos you have available.)

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I personally think you should switch the zerker squads to 8 man, drop the termis to 4 men with combi weapons, and drop one oblit in order to get another squad of troops in there. 2 scoring units seems kind of light to me at this point limit.

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Okay, I was thinking about the list for about 2 days now, and I think this isn´t quit what I´m looking for.

I actually want an army that is seen as an elite bodyguard of a Leader.
And then the leader is not necessarily a special character, but just someone that looks heroic. (A bit of converting and a terminator armour does wonders)

So I'm really looking for an eltie bodyguard that contains something like:
5+ terminators (or 4 if they are a retinue)
some cults (PM's or zerkers I think)
and then obliterators and some rhino's to move quickly.

Please help me with these whishes.
thanks in advance

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in that case...

my answer is the land raider! Get your hero/villian in the land raider with his retenue and then the rest as you described...

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I had a battle this evening (gmt+1)

eventhough it was a 2k game, it was still based on the above.
This was the list:

khorne winged DP

2 x 10 plague marines, 2 metlas and a champ with pwr weapon

10 zerkers, champ with pwrfist

3 rhinos

2 x 2 obliterators

9 raptos, 2 meltas and a champ

2 x 3 terminators, 3 combi melta's

he was playing a big bug nids list.
he had something like
2 x 3 carnifexes
1 hyve
1 winged hyve
15 gaunts
and a special dude that came out of a whole, (very big bug)
and after that, any other unit that was in reserve could come out of that whole as well, 10 gene stealers in this case.

In the end:
His army: completely whiped-out
my army: lost 2 rhinos, and a few models, DP had just 1 wound left.
not a single squad was gone or below 50%

quite impressive, eventhough it was a beginner.

But when I try to put in a 1.5k game it won't fit. dropping the termis and the raptors still leaves me at +/-1550pts
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