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Chaos Legions

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Ok. I re-done the poll.

Please vote for your fav army based on:
3.Any other cool stuff you can think on

1.choose an army just cos you play it
2.dont choose an army just for its rules

This is not a who is the best army poll. Its jus tone to see who's peoples fev. legion out of the nine.
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Much better poll- to be sure. Still, it's not an easy question.

Conversion potential: D.G.
Fluff: T.S.

Conversion potential: I must say...I'm partial to oozy, blobby intestines. There's a reason why alot of professional miniature painters elect to use D.G. as their modeling for Chaos- the conversion themes are easy to do & look amzaing on the models. D.G. appeals to both humorous conversions and the sickly grotesque ones as well.

Fluff: Personally, chaos has some of the richest fluff in 40k, which makes this consideration particularily difficult. In the end T.S. did it for me, on the grounds that they dabbled in sorcery (which I softly relate to knowledge), but eventually it came back to haunt them. I always considered the Thousand Sons to being some of the more intelligent marines, which, or therefore because of their curiosity for knowledge, they are now mindless- very ironic.
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World Eaters for me.
Despite being an avid Khorne player, I love the death guard models, plague marines look sooooo cool.

As for conversion possibilities, all of chaos togather takes the cake there. Moreso then any other army short of orks, you can just literally go nutso with chaos. Guard come close, but Chaos you can literally take a model and glue 8 extra arms on him and it's something.

For play style I like Khorne the most. Which is probably why I bought a world eaters army....

Fluff: Gotta go with World Eaters. Khorne is just such a cool god, I mean, he sits on a throne of skulls for christ's sake. And any legion champion who's claim to fame is running amok burning his troops earns my respect. And laughter. mostly respect though.
My Annihilation Angels use NL rules, but as a long time player and fluff lover, I have to vote for WE. Just because they are the baddest mothers in the galaxy, and they do it with no tricks, no sorcery, virtually no tactics, just oldfashion combat prowess. Plus, they worship the most powerful god out there, Khorne. However, I am a firm believer in the older fluff, that worshippers of khorne do so out of lover for battle, but also for honour and pride. That's what initially hooked Angron to Khorne, and overcoming the sheer-bloodletting is what a real WE, one that stays true to Angron, is all about.
Big shock for me: Iron Warriors
I love the fluff for them, and storm of iron solidified my choice and army composition. Even though a lot of people consider them cheesy, i enjoy playing my counter assault army. Having the ability to field lots of obliterators fits perfectly as its mainly a siege army. I also feel that having a converted Warsmith is a accomplishment for most IW players.

I do wish i could field a griffon though, it seems more of the siege mentality then the basilisk in my opinion, and i feel a griffon is harder to maximize high str ordinance then a griffon that is lower str but adds to armor pentration to buildings.
boydgarrett said:
Much better poll- to be sure.
I agree. While I'm not a big fan of people reposting threads after I have closed them, this is sufficiently different and much more specific.

I myself voted for the Night Lords. While I don't play them, I absolutely love their fluff, and I do like their models. Many people don't like the Dragon Wings, but I rather like them.
Thanks all for voting, just thought it would be interesting to see which armies were most poular without their rules, so far it is World Eaters :D Sorry for reposting but i thought if a changed the criteria it would be OK
My vote are split between Emperors Children and Night Lords.
I love the way EC are fighting for pleasure and their models is probably really fun to convert.
The NL is awsome becuase they focus on terror tactics. It is always fun to rip the heart out of the enemy morale before you end their pathetic lives :w00t:
In the end, my vote goes to the NL.
Thousand Sons got my vote. They were one of the few Legions who did anything constructive, meaning stuff other than 'conquer the universe in the Emperor's name'. Their pursuit of knowledge, ostracism for being different, creating a unique civilization and then being sentenced to annihilation for doing the right It even beats Night Haunter's death for tragedy. (And I am starting Night Lords.)
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This was really hard as the criterias are so diverse.
I can't help but voting Thousand Sons as they are so fantastic, but I was leaning strongly towards Deatguard due to their conversion potential. All them sweet soars and lovely flesh colours.
THe egyptian theme and all that magic is too hard to resist. The sad background, worthy of an Opera.
Back to the painttable...
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Although I like all of the legions for one reason or another I'd have to say my current favorite is th Word Bearers. I mean who couldn't like a legion that has twisted parodies of SM chaplains bearing a cursed crozius?
Death Guard :

1 - Little Nurglings : Ugly, Stinky, but they are so cute.
2 - Were so tough that we walk the battlefield
3 - Mortarion in a frontline strategist, no subtility, no doubt, just straitforward advance.
4 - Fun to paint and to convert
5 - Gamewise, they allow you many mistakes that WE or NL wouldn't forgive.

Next would be Alpha Legion, because I like their fight againts Ultra Marines on "i don't remember which planet" during which they gave hell to the Imperium most venerable ByTheBook SM Primarch.
Every thing about Night Lords is corny, so I vote Emp's Children, love the models.
Death Guard all the way for me!

Fluff) They came from a poison-choked planet where undead creatures stalked the villagers. When they were fighting for the emperor, they often fought side by side with the Night Lords and the Sons of Horus, the biggest traitors out there. Finally, they sold their souls for deliverance from the Destroyer plague. I don't think many other Traitors can claim that.

Models) Come on, who doesn't like those big bloated chests and bellies? These guys are, in my opinion, the coolest chaos models in the chaos range.

Stuff) Nurglings, Manreapers, True Grit. Oh my! The Death Guard have access to some of the coolest things in the chaos codex, be it daemons, wargear, or skills.

i may be slightly biased, but I still think Geath Guard are the best legion
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My vote is on Thousand sons. The reasons are as follows:

1) models: I love the Egyptian feel of the models. I started a Lhamian VC army in fantasy just because I could legitimately use the Khemri skeletons and tomb guard models in subsitution for the VC ones (the Lhamians used to rule over the armies of Khemri before the Tomb Kings woke up and kicked em' out). But yes, I love the Egyptian feel and color scheme. I've always had a distaste for models with crazy mutations (such as Nurgle or Slaanesh), and with Thousand sons there really aren't any (aside from the actual daemons themselves)

2) fluff: Their fluff is very cool. Mindless ghost warriors trapped in their power armor for all eternity? how cool is that! Also I like the fact that they turned chaos because the emperor betrayed them and sent the space wolves to destroy them after magnus (the primarch for thousand sons) tried to warn the emperor of Horus's treachery. I've always been a hater of the Imperium, and this just gives me more fire to fuel the flames (I can't take it upon myself to hate the IG though, they're just your average humans, some of whom don't even wanna' be fighting, out there in the field trying to survive against all odds. I salute their bravery).

3) Magic kicks @$$

(P.S. I actually just started a Thousand Sons army last friday for all those reasons listed...can't wait to get em' on the table)
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My vote gos for the Death Guard, mostly because they are cool, and because nurgle is my favorite chaos god.

1.Models- i absolutely love the Death Guard models, i like how they are wearing gas masks and how they are rotted and bloated and look like death incarnate.
2.Fluff- i also love the idea of their homeworld a lot. also their poldding, unstoppable approach is really awesome.
3. Typhus is by far the coolest special character that the codex has! i really like the huge scythe he has and the gas vents on his back.
nightlords for sure tons of crazy screaming flying pumped up assualt marines flying at you.
and you know for a fact that they will inflict massive damage to you and your men. and come on now they use intimidation as thier main tactic that so cool.
I gotta admit, I do like the nightlord models (I'm suprised most people hate em' actually... the bat wings on the helmet aren't THAT bad, are they?)
Intrepid said:
Their pursuit of knowledge, ostracism for being different, creating a unique civilization and then being sentenced to annihilation for doing the right
The right thing is very subjective.. Remember that magnus went insane at the battle of Prospero because the psychic wards protecting him from the nasty powers he was using snapped.

The thousand sons are great though, you can just see them shouting 'I don't have a problem.. I can stop doing sorcery any time I like.. Really..' then running off to summon daemons in the bathroom.

In fact, they would get my vote, but they have incredibly fun and unique rules, and without taking those into account, I can't vote for them. Instead, I'm going to vote for the Emperor's Children. Amazing conversion potential on the models, a very cool fluff background, and they kill people by rocking out! What's not to love?
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