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Which Combo of Mutations will you choose?

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Shoop Da WAAAGH!
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Hey folks

Got a idea for a chaos lord for my up comming Nurgle WoC army. I was reading through the PDF versions of the ANCIENT Realm of Chaos books and discovered a table with lots of mutations and gifts titled the 'Personal Attributes Table' and there were LOADS of results. here is a picture of the table...

I also found in the other book a table that is god specific for nurgle, so the last result for each attempt is from that one.

So i rolled on it a couple of times to see what my champion would look like...

Here are the results i got.

Attempt 1...
Goats head (This speaks for itself)
4 extra arms
The head is mounted on its chest
It has a leg on its back
Iron Hard Skin (Covered in scales made of metal with chaos runes on)
another 2 arms...
and Nurglich horns (Horns of a Great Unclean One)

Attempt 2...
Head on Chest
Face of a Plague Bearer
Hopper (Has 1 Giant leg instead of 2 normal ones)
No arms
Bulging eyes
+ 3 Arms
Nurglich Horns again.

Attempt 3...
Flaming skull face (head is a flaming skull, like ghost rider)
2 extra heads
-1 arm
eyes from 1 head are on stomach
One head is now a goats head
Tentacle arm (the remaining arm is now a tentacle)
Half beast of nurgle (This means instead of legs he has the rear end of a slug and has tentacles sprouting from one of his heads.)

Attempt 4...
1 arm is moved to the chest
goat head
+2 arms
1 arm is a tentacle
Iron hard scales (see attempt 1)
Vividly coloured skin (This is pretty obvious, basically its skin is a really crazy colour)
Half beast of nurgle (See attempt 3)

Now i thought i would try to re create these results in model form for my chaos lord, but im not sure which one... So i thought i would let the public decide!

BTW the lord will be mounted on a Palanquin of Nurgle and be armed with a Daemon Weapon.

Let me know what you think and please vote in the poll.

Mr T

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I'd like to suggest attempt #2 with a modification: go with the slug-body (half beast of Nurgle).

Since the head is on the chest, the third arm can come over the top, giving the whole thing a "Plaguebearer-Graboid" look. (Ya know, the "graboids" from Tremors.)

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I'd personally go with either #4, or modify the lineup for #2 a little.

I'd agree with psichotykworm's Graboid idea for #2 (love the Tremors reference there) and take a Beast of Nurgle body as I reckon the hopper idea would end up looking either silly or unwieldy, especially when mounted on a Palanquin. I reckon having the +3 arms attached just behind where the head would usually be, arching over the chest-head, but scrap the idea of bulging eyes and instead make it blind. That way it could have some form of insectoid look, potentially with the arms looking like some form of feelers for finding its way around and locating enemies. If done right it could look fantastic, gribbly and pretty gruesome.

For #4, the combination of crazy coloured skin, half Beast of Nurgle and Iron Skin would be pretty cool. Whenever I see goat heads I tend to think of Khorne a little though, so I'm not sure how well that would work. I reckon you could possibly continue the slug-like motif of the Beast of Nurgle with the rest of the body, making it into some horrific wyrm-like thing. Maybe you could have the tentacle arm coming out of a gaping, toothed maw at the top of its body instead of a goat head? That'd look pretty messy. Frankly if I saw some form of hideous maggot-thing covered in rainbow scales I'd be freaked out.

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I like it, but there are always things that I think would look just... wrong. For example, the 'Hopper' or the odd number of arms, or just 1 tentacle, and stuff like that. I like to keep my models symmetrical, and a lot of these are more 'debilitating' than anything else, and would be suitable for a spawn maybe.

I kinda envision a combo like this:

Head on Chest
Face of a Plague Bearer
Two Extra Arms
Iron Hard Skin (cracked bits of original Chaos armor that have grown into his body)
Body of a Nurgle Beast
Nurglich Horns

Basically it looks like a face-eater from Aliens, with a slug tail. There are chunks of armor embedded in the body, maybe even a normal warrior's helmeted head with the horn, instead of a Plague Bearer (a little too withered and crazy for a Lord of Chaos). Arms are mounted above and below the "typical" shoulders, and either don't hold any weapons, the bottom two hold a 2handed weapon, or they all hold some crazy mix of surgical implements (Plague Doctor).
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