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Here is my army list, in basic the Brotherhood of Truth is a legion that broke of from the word bearers believing that the black legion have no right to rule and that Abaddon is a false champion of the Gods as he has failed all of his black crusades.


Daemon Prince 180
Tzeentch (Tz), wings, wind of chaos

Chaos Lord 145
Tz, daemon weapon


4 Terminators 190
Tz, combi-flamer, heavy flamer, champion with lightning claw and combi flamer,

4 Terminators 215
Tz, x2 combi-meltas, chainfist, reapercannon, pair of claws


10 Chaos Marines 210
x2 plas-guns, champion, power weapon

10 Chaos Marines 210 (as above)

10 Chaos Marines 200
x2 meltas, champion, ,power weapon

Heavy Support:

8 Havocs 235
x2 meltas, x2 flamers, champion, powerfist, combi-melta, rhino

Predator 180
Lascannons, havoc launcher

Land Raider 235
Havoc Launcher

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HQ: Prince is ok. Adding warptime as well is very powerful as you reroll hits and wounds with both the shooting attack and combat. A cheaper version is MoT, wings, warptime and doombolt. The lord is ok but a bit pricy. You could drop him for 2 more termies and a few points to spare.

Elites: Both units need a CF or PF as dread deterrance. After that the guys in the LR should take HF and combat weapons such as a few claws. The others need all combiplasmas and deepstrike them.

Troops: I would prefer to see them with IoCG, 2 meltas, PF and rhino. I know it is the same as everyone else but it is the best all round loadout. If you want plasma just get 7 plague marines with 2 plasmas. A champion + PF are optional but with all the termies around PMs can go without until help arrives.

Heavy: Drop the havoc squad for troops who are scoring units. if you really need extra special weapons just get combi meltas/flamers on some champions or even add them to the rhinos.

Pred is expensive. Havoc launcher does not compliment lascannon so move it to a rhino or drop it for points. I reccomend the AC/2LC version as a reasonably cheap all round tank. with all the points saving above you may even be able to afford 2 or 1 and a dakka pred with AC/2HB/Havoc.

LR likewise should drop the havoc for points or even for extra armour.

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Both my terminator units Deep strike, one focuses on dealing with infantry while the other does tank hunting hence the chainfist.

If i do use the landraider as a transport it will be for one of my CSM Squads and not the terminators.

The lord often joins the havocs in a rhino so that he can break off at any point to where he's needed most.

In regards to doombolt, i don't find it that useful, i have tried it just didn't sit well with me atleast wind stops eldar's annoying conceal save.

Are you sure about the whole scoring units thing? i've often found 3 tends to work aslong as my other units remove their scoring units and contest the objectives.

I see where you're coming from with the lord i can easily drop him for transports and maybe more terms.

I think i made a mistake i was meant to put the havoc launcher with the rhino so my pred can be anti-tank. I'll correct that. Again in regards to the predator the Autocannon and Las-sponsons never sat well with me 3 lascannons has always worked miracles for me and when i can afford it Havoc launchers are excellent anti-troop weapons.

Anyway thanks for the opinions i'll definatels work on dropping th lord for transports or something.

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I've demoted the havocs to a basic squad of marines and it works. I can see where you were coming from now :) sorted.
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