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I just wanted to share my satisfaction with one of my latest (very small) conversions.
Here's the end result:

It is basically a regular CSM which has come into the possession of a loyalist jump pack. After that, I did some creative cutting to his feet and knees.

It's not all that clear in the pictures but basically what I did was to cut of the shoe just before it started sloping forward and I angled the cut a little so that when I reached to sole I was a little closer to the heel. Then I made another cut to what remained of the foot, angling the cut slightly the other way so that I remove about 1 - 1½ milimieter from the top of the shoe and none from the sole.
The knee was basically the same idea. I cut from the top of the lower leg armor's front and as far down as I could on the back without harming the armor there. Then from the top of the leg I removed the "wrinkled" part (the one where it's supposed to bend.) between calf and thigh armor then glued them back together.

Hope anyone finds it useful or at least worth reading.

And just for good measure, here's a look from behind.

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