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Chapter Approved 2018

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From the snippets on the Warhammer Community site it looks like I will finally get something I have longed for since 2003: the Major Orders of the Sisters of Battle will each get their own unique rules!
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Having order specific tactics/traits/whatever term you wish to use is great this should not be a crux for the core rules. In simplistic terms look at harlequins as a comparison - anything opther than Soaring Spite is a waste of time as SS is what harliequins do as base but turbo mode. I personaly anticipate SoB strategems to be the part of the list that fills the inherent holes in the SoB army design (given any dakka over 24" is rare and the preference for metla and flamer).

GW would do well to channel the witch hunter codex for either CA or the full release in 2019 - having some very potent strategems that allow squads to punch far above their weight class would both be themeatic and easy to balance given how rare (soup GTFO) command points are. Still, something is better than nothing and SoB did pretty good from the index list but historically they have had rather subpar lists propped up entirely by their special weapon access.
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