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Chapter Master Tallarus

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This is the most involved conversion I've ever made. It contains parts from:

-Fire Warrior
-Mk. VI Dreadnought
-Command Squad
-Vehicle Accessory Sprue
-Gundam model
-Custom sword blade and shield

I've only started to paint it, so just complain about the model itself for now.

You can see the fluff in "Red/Shadow Dragons", over in Army Fluff.
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Wow that looks cool!:w00t: Does he count as being in temi armour? Cos he is huge..:yes:

Venerable Dreadnought, actually. Check the Red/Shadow Dragons thread for stats, he's under "Characters".
Yeah, I just read it. Great converson, love it.:w00t:

Is the level of lighting on the third picture good? I'm thinking of making a series of unit pictures for the codex.
neosonichdghg said:
Is the level of lighting on the third picture good? I'm thinking of making a series of unit pictures for the codex.
Well it could be a tad better. Just to get those little details out.:yes:

Makes sense. Time to invest in some good lighting. Or cobble together some random crap.
How long was it you started this project? Half a year ago or something?
Looks good. IMO the head looks kind of small (just like those on the Obliterators-models. Soooo tiny!) and it great to finally see the fully converted model.
Good work!
The lighting is not really good no, a lightbox or something similar would be a good idea. Have you gotten a hold of a digicam yet? It's a great benefit to be able to preview the pics before you take them. (Just make sure you get one with a macro function)

I made a lightened version that made it easier (for me at least) to see the details. I didn't care about keeping the colours accurate since the painting wasn't the main issue anyway:
(click to enlarge)
I got to say it actually looks better than I though it would when you described it first ;)
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Hey Tubal!

I seem to have vague memories of someone called Tubal from last time I was here. How ya been, man? Thanks for the brightened pic, you really can see the details better.

And the head is supposed to be really small. The pilot is totally encased in that middle part, the suit is bionic.
That would be me (probably :D), and on the B&C too.

I'm kidding. I remember you.
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