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Right, I've posted a similar list to this before, but what I would really like your opinions on is whether I should replace the 15 bowmen with a unit of three chariots for extra manourvarability. Please bear in mind that this would be for competitive torny play, Cheers!

King - DoE and Collar - 265

Hierophant - Cloak and Hieratic Jar - 160

Liche Priest - Dispel Scroll - 140

Prince - Chariot, Spear of Antarhak, Enchanted Shield, Light Armour - 192

2 Swarms

15 Archers with Musician

3 Chariots – Standard Bearer with Banner of the Undying Legion - 165

19 Tomb Guard - Command and Icon of Rakaph - 298



5 Carrion

Catapult with SotF

Casket of Souls

Total - 2000

Will Adams

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Id say no for a few reasons:

- The Chariots you already have will be joined by the Prince, giving them a greater number and a great combat boost. Im kinda a fan of 'symmetry', as sods law youll always wish that you had deployed the units the other way around in a game, needing the greater unit where the lesser one is at the time.
- You only have Tomb Guard as a main static Cres blok if you loose the skellies. I tend to think its a good idea to have atleast 2 of these units.

I remember this list (i think, that or one similiar), and still think the best chance you could make would be to boost the skellies to full static res combat potential. Add 5 more skellies, dropping a Swarm for the points.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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