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Cheap points for Inquisitors.

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Right now I'm trying to add a Vindicare assasin to my space marine army but I need an inquisitor to do that. The problem is if the inquisitor lord I make wll be able to do anything in a battle since it has to be cheap in points. so far I've got.....

inquisitor with power weapon, bolt pistol,
warrior, standard with hellgun and all x2

it just makes my inquisitor legal to field with better WS and I compared to space it worth the 70-80 points?

any oher ways to make a decent inquisitor lord under 120 will be helpful.
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Note that you don't need an Inq. Lord, just an Inquisitor, (who does not need a retinue) to take an assassin. If you want cheap and have the elites slot to spare, just take an Inquisitor and drop a psycannon on him, have him hang out with a shooty squad if you have one.. that will only run you 50 points and give your squad a bit more firepower.

If you want a Lord, Go again with a psycannon, sage, mystic, and gunservitor with heavy bolter, which will run you 116, and give you a bit more firepower, with some bonuses.. and the psycannon and heavy bolter both have the same range when used as heavy weapons, which is nice.

I find DH Inquisitors do better as ranged assistance than they do in CC, but perhaps your experience differs.
Miril, you are incorrect. When using DH as an allied force, you are restricted as to how many Force Organization Chart (FOC) slots you may use. One of the restrictions is a limit of 0-1 Elites. Since Assassins take an Elite slot, and you need an Inquisitor of some kind to use an Assassin, you *must* take an Inquisitor Lord. Of course this only applies if your base army is SM or IG, which Zephyr stated in the first line of his post.

Zephyr, my first instinct is to let you know that the Vindicare isn't the best Assassin out there, and he'll rarely make his points back unless you really know how to use him. He can't take out HQ or Elite models with any kind of regularity, and using him against vehicles is a waste. What he excels at is removing squad leaders and special/heavy weapons - he has the ability to pick out unique models from a unit to fire at! Take that powerfist sergeant out before you charge into combat. Pop that lascannon pointed at your tanks. Etc.

Now the real dilemma: a cheap and effective Inquisitor Lord, which is almost an oxymoron in and of itself. But fear not, I have some ideas!

* Lord (Auspex, Psycannon), 1 Mystic, 3 Heavy Bolter Servitors. The Mystic allows this unit to shoot at incoming Deepstrikers/Summoned units for free. 158pts total. Drop one servitor, it's 133pts. Keep the three servitors but drop the Psycannon, 128pts.

* Lord (Bolter), 3 Mystics. Remember what 1 Mystic allows you to do? A pair of them allows you to instead let a nearby unit take that free round of fire at incoming DS/Summoned units. Plant this little squad next to your Devastators, and pow! 64pts total.

I'd strongly suggest not trying to make a melee Lord. In an army of S4 & 3+, he'll require a lot of points to be effective in a fight.
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yah I like the psycannon idea with the auspex and everything...but will take out the mystic since the opponents in my area doesn't like deepstriking. thanks. gotta convert him now.

yah I know vindicare is not an elite killer, or a heavy monster killer....but I need him to clear those power weapons off tactical squads before my assault marines get in there, sure he may not get his points back but he sure is going to be annoying.
*bang* dead powerfist coming near my dreadnought
*bang* dead plasma cannon

thanks everyone.
If you're worried about keeping him cheap just give him a bolter....having a better WS and I than a marine won't make up for his lack of strength and toughness.
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